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copyright© 2003 Jeanette Jerome, Winnipeg artist

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Cartoons of friends and relatives are a novel gift
Cartoon sketches, drawings & caricatures are ideal for gifts or business
Birthdays for family or friends, Office gifts, Retirement gifts
Work themes, Movie themes, Occupational themes or
pick a favorite hobby or sport in which to add the caricatures.

A true caricature is a distortion of a person's we may
discuss a more flattering cartoon of your subject, but the
choice is up to you. Most who want it for family or friends
choose a cartoon with less distortion...or "caricature light"
but the final decision is yours!!

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No smoking!
copyright© 2003 Jeanette Jerome, Winnipeg artist

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Schwarzenegger cartoon - The Kuffena Caricature
copyright© Jeanette Jerome
Arnold Schwarzenegger Caricature & phonetics- by Jeanette Jerome - Winnipeg caricature artist


Band Caricature Poster by Winnipeg artist Jerome
copyright© Jeanette Jerome
The Head Office Band Poster - Fundraiser 2003
by Winnipeg caricature / cartoon artist Jeanette Jerome


Oldie but goodie Cartoon/caricature - by Winnipeg freelance cartoon & caricature artist Jerome

loose caricature 1 by Wpg. artist Jeromeloose caricature 2 by Wpg. artist Jeromeloose caricature 3 by Wpg. artist Jerome
copyright© Jeanette Jerome

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All content and images are copyright Jeanette Jerome - Any reproduction in any format is strictly prohibited

A true caricature is a distortion of a face & body. Many people
feel that the full distortion isn't too complimentary, and so your
choice will determine the final product. Faces fully caricaturized,
lightly caricaturized, or just cartooned onto a smaller body. You
decide, as the final result should be humourous, not insulting...
unless, of course, you are sending it to a politician. I find most
people really want Caricature-Light for a gift, as it is less likely
to offend...but I'll cartoon most things within reason. Instead
of roses, ties or perfumes, Cartoons make a great gift.
Caricatures for all occasions: Birthdays, Christmas, Reunions,
Awards, Rewards, Farewells, Weddings, Office, Anniversary,
Get Well Cards, Graduation, Father's Day & Mother's Day,
Secretary's Day...a cartoon is versatile & so different!
...give them a gift of humour for a souvenir of the occasion..
with any theme: movie, occupation, sport or hobby.



The guys loved the caricatures!  Couldn't believe how much they looked like them! 
C.C. Winnipeg, Mb.

He really loved the caricature... I will recommend your services.
K.G. Winnipeg, Mb.

My friend loved his cartoons!
P.G. Winnipeg, Mb.

T.P. Winnipeg , Mb.

The cartoon went over great! Thanks again. You did such a fantastic job.
Everyone who saw it loved it. I can't say enough good things.
J.B. Winnipeg




Loki, Optimus Prime, The Joker, Minion, Neytiri, Avatar
What do these iconss have in common?
They can be carved into pumpkins!

See My Carved Pumpkins HERE!!!

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