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Seasonal Points Tallies and Schedules This page consists of the links to download the seasons playing schedule, the calculation of each game results and the accumulation of each teams points.  Also is a listing of each player’s number of goals scored [league, tournament, exhibition or lent to one of our other teams]
Team Total Points & Scorers Summary In this section you will find the accumlated points for each team (side by side for comparison).  Each team summary consists of “Win, Lost, Ties, Cancellations, Team Points”  It also contains the “Teams Summary” & a +/- tally.
Game Points Calculations In this section you will find each games individual calculations.  We use the “3 Point System” for calculating each teams game points. 3 Point System:  3 points for a win, 1 points for a tie.
SVICSA and Team Playing Schedules Here you will find the playing schedule of ALL teams in our League. The link on the right takes you to our “Complete League Playing Schedule”.    OR Select your team to see your specific schedule.
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Download Team Points & Scorers
Other Games Played Here you will find the schedules for any other games that the teams or our  club has scheduled. These games will include: Exhibitions, Tournaments, Scrimmages, Sponsorships, Alumni, Others, etc.
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Download Team Points & Scorers
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