Under the Hood

Battery must be secure

Throttle return must work smoothly and not stick (if the car has one)

General inspection that there is nothing loose


All hub caps must be removed

No trim hanging loose

Tires must be fit for function, no cords showing

No excess movement in wheel bearings


All loose stuff must be removed, i.e. water bottles, CD cases, coffee cups, mats that aren't secured (most important on drivers side) etc

Firm brake pedal with out any pumping

Gas pedal movement must be smooth with out sticking

No excessive slop in the steering

Suggestions to Particpants

Make sure you windshield washer bottle is full and you have an extra bottle

A ground sheet to cover all the loose stuff you take out of the car (in case of rain/snow)

A large water proof box or case to put stuff in (in case of rain/snow)

Check all fluids (oil, brake, cooling system etc) prior to going to the event

Windshield wipers are good working condition

Make sure you have proper air pressures in your tires (a good air pressure gauge is essential) This pressure can vary widely, if a rookie talk to the more experienced people

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