Grenouille Cattery has been breeding ACFA & CFA Registered Japanese Bobtail Cats since 1977,
selecting for outgoing sweet natured dispositions, soundness, stamina and type. 

Our first  Japanese Bobtail was Shamba Letu Meiko of Grenouille,
a Mi-Ke tricolor female from Elizabeth Freret's Amulet line that we bought in 1974.
ACFA Registration Number JBT73-1(s)-F75-2165-A
2 - CFA Registration Number 6649-0033
Sire: Amulet B.W.    Dam: Amulet's Bikki

We had the joy of exhibiting Meiko in the New Breed and Color Classes before the Breed was even recognized in 1976.
Grenouille's Grand Prix, her Brown Tabby & White Harlequin son from her first litter, was our first Grand Champion Japanese Bobtail.


This is Kamu Ami Of Grenouille and her babies born July 29, 2011. She had 2 boys and 2 girls; 2 longhairs and 2 shorthairs.

To learn more about our cats, or about the Japanese Bobtail Breed, please follow the links below, or e-mail.

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Shamba Letu Meiko of Grenouille & her first kittens - Arigato Akai and "Four Spots" - Grand Ch. Grenouille's Grand Prix

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