Prehistoric Creatures Day 2008

Many people are not aware that Friday the 13th is not just another day on the calendar, nor is it an 'unlucky' day to be approached with caution.  Friday the 13th is
Prehistoric Creatures Day.

The origins of this holiday are both murky and delightful.

We approached Prehistoric Creatures Day 2008 by first adopting some Prehistoric Creatures. How could we treat them to dinner without first making their acquaintance?

The Creatures arrived on Thursday, to give them a chance to become used to contact with humans. Their arrival provoked interest and amusement. We had thought that we would be the only ones celebrating the holiday, but other people soon wanted to become part of this special day.

Accessories were brought in for the Creatures to wear and enjoy during their day.

They were kindly provided with sunglasses to wear, since it was a nice day, and a lounging chair. They had a great view of the office.

We tried to make them feel at home by communicating, prehistoric style.

And festive wear was provided...

They put on their party hats!

Monitor lizards? (Ha, ha... I crack myself up.) They observed others of their kind reading about their upcoming day of celebration on the computer.

They checked out who'd they be spending the day with.

They were having a good time so far.
They even offered to help around the office.

They were eager to greet clients.

After their hard work, they had some snacks mid-morning.

Then it was time to head out to the golf tournament.
But before playing, the Creatures enjoyed a beverage.

They enjoyed the beverages very much.

And got quite angry when they were cut off.

The Prehistoric Creatures were eager to get started on the golf, since they weren't allowed another delicious pomegranate cider.

They checked out the rules of the game and started.

And did very well.

A few pauses along the way.

...for more beverages, after all. Those prehistoric creatures were very thirsty...

...but they make friends quickly.

They were concerned about the golf cart operation.

But their mood quickly changed from worry to excitement, when they met one of their descendents.

After the strenuous round of golf, they required rehydration.

Who knew they were so thirsty?

When we stepped away for a moment, the Creatures...

...were up to no good. Now we know why they went extinct. (Per Gary Larson.)

Now, the aim of Prehistoric Creatures Day is to take them out to a nice dinner. Unfortunately, the Creatures refused all attempts to photograph them while eating. They were a bit sensitive about their lack of table manners and raptor arms. They also had trouble with the concepts of "fork" and "knife".

The Creatures were very upset that they did not win a prize for their participation in the golf tournament, and went and sulked in the backpack. We think they were getting tired and cranky at that point. Their designated driver soon arrived to drive them home, and the Creatures settled in for the evening.

Sleep tight, Prehistoric Creatures!