jake galbraith music JakeAtRoxy photo Photo: Sam McDonald



"A Happy, Eclectic Mix of Pop and Folk"
(Tim Harrison, NowOnGabriola.com)

That's as good a description as I've heard of the material I include in my performances. I don't write songs, and that leaves me completely free to choose songs to perform that both audience members and I love.

I try my damnedest to have at least a song or two at hand to honour the tastes of each and every audience member:

  • New songs and old songs
  • Mostly hits, and songs that fit nicely with the hits
  • Lots of Canadian content
  • Lots of songs that most people would find easy to sing along with

I've been a performing musician for more than 50 years now. While I've played in many ensembles performing music in a variety of genres, solo performing has always been at the core of what I do.

My solo shows consist of me singing and playing guitar, with a bit of 'ukulele thrown in sometimes. In band settings, I also perform on bass guitar, lap steel guitar, and mandolin.