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  April 11th , 2006
I apologize for the lack of updates. I have been rather busy now that I am no longer a student. I will try to update this site when I have time. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for content pleaes let me know in the guestbook below.
  December 5, 2004
Added "edge" to the Other Gaiman Work section.
  October 24, 2004
Added "1602" to the Other Gaiman Work section. It only took four months :)
  June 10, 2004
Added "Thessally" to the Covers Section. I will add "1602" shortly to the Other Gaiman Work section.
  March 15, 2004
Added "Thessaliad" to the Covers Section.I will add "Thessaly" when it is finished as well. Hopefully your all reading it :)
  February 2, 2004
Added "The Corinthian", "Destiny", "The Little Endless Storybook" and "Lucifer" to the Covers Section
Also added another cover of "Violent Cases" to Other Gaiman Work
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