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Big bore intake with 4.3L Throttlebody.


Do you have a healthy 2.8L, a 3.1L or 3.4L swapped into your Chevy S-10, Isuzu Trooper or Rodeo? This intake will save you time, money and frustration by providing a bolt in system that will allow your engine to breathe better. Forget trying to rig up your intake in your drill press or hunting the junkyards for a throttle body that has all the vacuum lines you need and the right throttle cable arm or TPS sensor. This system will provide you with an intake manifold with 1 11/16" throttle bores that is de greased and soda blasted. You will also get a 4.3L throttle body that has been modified with the correct throttle cable arm, the bolt holes for the throttle cable bracket, all 4 vacuum ports and the idle set screw un capped. The TPS sensor will be the new 89 and later style with a pig tail connector included for easy splicing into your pre 89 "S" truck or any Isuzu truck. Shipping is INCLUDED to anywhere in the continental US or Canada.


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Year 1990
Make Isuzu
Model Trooper
Colour Dark Blue, Tan Interior
Weight 4056lbs / 1840Kg
Engine 3.2L 60 degree V6. Iron block and heads. Throttle body fuel injection.
Drive Part Time 4WD, ARB Air Locked Differentials
Front Axle/Suspension Upper/Lower control arm, torsion bar, tube shock, anti roll bar
Isuzu 10 Bolt, Full Floating
Ring Gear Axle Shaft Spline Ratio
194mm (7.64") 28.4mm (1.12") 17 4.55:1
Rear Axle/Suspension Live axle, leaf spring, tube shock
Isuzu 12 Bolt, Semi Floating
Ring Gear Axle Shaft Spline Ratio
220mm (8.66") 33.5mm (1.32") 26 4.55:1
Transfer Case Two speed, manual shift, gear driven, passenger side front output.
Isuzu Transfer Case
High Low
1:1 2.283
Transmission 5 speed manual

Isuzu MUA5

RPO Brand 1 2 3 4 5
RMN Isuzu MUA5  3.767 2.314 1.404 1.000 0.809



Engine Modifications

Rebuilt 3.2L (3.1L bored .040 over), Port Matched Head and Intake, 4.3L Throttle Body, Comp 252 Cam With Matching Springs And 1.6:1 Roller Tip Rockers, Flex-A-Lite Electric Fan, Fiero GT Valve Covers, Canton Racing Remote Filter System. Rear Mounted Battery.

Drivetrain/Wheel & Tire Modifications

Warn Premium Manual Hubs, Safety Wired Hub Bolts, Transmission And Transfer Case Vents, BFG Mud Terrain KM2 33X10.50X15 Tires. Toyota Aluminum 15X7 Wheels Painted Flat Black. ARB Front and Rear Air Lockers.

Interior / Exterior Modifications

Removed Rear Carpet and Bed lined, Bedliner on Lower Body and Bumper, Flat Black Grill, 1" Body lift

Steering/Suspension Modifications

Second Generation S-10 power steering cooler. Power steering fluid filter. Old Man Emu Dakar Lift Springs, Fabricated Shackles With Greasable Bolts, Old Man Emu Shocks, Independent 4X Ball Joint Spacers, Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines, One Piece Drive Shaft

Electronic Modifications

Uniden PC78 Elite CB Radio, Auto Meter Electronic Speedometer and Tachometer.

VIN & RPO Code Definitions


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