Spring Oyster mushrooms


Prime quality mushrooms found right in the middle of a sweltering heat wave.  These are only supposed to be found in the spring during cool damp weather.  Guess they never read the books???

Vancouver Island mushrooming on the cheap.  Walking is fundamental to finding new varieties, first to correctly identify, then finally to sample.  Expect to spend a certain amount of time just looking for the elusive culinary delight.  A few simple "tools" are required for a successful mushroom outing.  First and foremost would be a cutting tool with a sharp blade that can be easily opened or closed when you are walking.  Secondly is a bag or container to carry your "finds".  For most of the local mushrooms I simply use the plastic grocery bags handed out by the millions by our local grocers.  For some of the more fragile "shrooms" I would suggest something with more rigidity.  Finally, here on the "wet" coast of British Columbia, I would suggest a good rain jacket and hat.  Nothing will ruin a trip faster than being wet, cold and miserable unless of course it's not finding any "shrooms".  Now to correctly identify the "catch of the day" I strongly suggest a good book that pertains to your area.  Here on Vancouver Island I recommend a book called The "NEW" Savory Wild Mushroom.

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