Morris Dance                

Sad News

David Winn, long time proponent of International Folk Dance and Morris Dance in Victoria & BC, died Sunday 17 August 2014

About the Morris

Overheard, "When does the Morris dancing start?"

"Oh, in about two pints."

Morris dance, that mildly mystical form of folk dance from old Blighty thrives on this edge of the continent. Not so inexplicably, as Victoria has been described by some as more English than England

Who we are

Victoria is home to three sides (teams), Hollytree Morris, arguably Canada's oldest, Island Thyme Morris & Quicksbottom Morris

Gabriola Island is home to Drumbeggar Border Morris, a new and still somewhat shiny side on the scene

Youth sides have popped up, often seasonally in Campbell River, and a few years ago in Victoria

What we do

We maintain and create the traditions of several styles of this public folk dance. We "Dance out" or perform throughout the year, especially in the summer, at farm markets, community fairs, various events or locales (invite us to your brewery or cidery!), often right out in the streets. Also, we gather for May Day mornings, perform Mummers plays toward or during the Yule season and have special dance outs for such times as St. George's Day in April, and the Canada Day picnic along the Gorge in Victoria and in various community events on Gabriola Island

This is a performance, ritual or "display" dance style, as many Folk dances generally are. It takes dedication and just a bit of time to learn. This is what we say anyway. Ask us about it, maybe over a pint, and between songs

Spread throughout the islands are individual dancers & musos, British expats, the makings of some nascent sides, and good friends willing to host shenanigans, dance outs and pub sings. Let's find the spark to build more sides. A few of our sides are generally available to visit, perform or perhaps hold a workshop anywhere on the Islands


is a "mixed side" (both genders) dancing in the Cotswold style. They have an early history, the first decade 1974-1984, now posted on-line

Island Thyme is a women's side, dancing primarily Garland and Northwest. "Pacific North West" we've been told. They're not above attempting the dreaded Stick and Bucket Dance

Quicksbottom, once the Men's Side of ITM (when IT was a Joint Side), has continued in the Welsh Border style of Morris and, after becoming standalone, has become a mixed side

Drumbeggar Border Morris of Gabriola Island first danced out in the spring of 2012. A few members are former stalwarts of the Morris & folk song scene in Vancouver and great friends of the existing Island sides

May Day

Morris dance merry making, May Day, 01 May. Clover Point, Victoria. 0530-0630. Yes, 5:30 a.m. After all we wish to be dancing before the sun rises at 0553! A May pole, Morris dances, circle & other dances for all. Come along. Also see Ric's left coast Morris May Day page

Join us

For those wishing to join in Morris dance & music, communication about it, or gather more info in an active manner, contact any of the sides. See their web pages. Also there is a Yahoo! Group called Vancouver Island Morris (VIM) and another for the PNW Morris. The webmaster will be happy to answer general questions about local Morris dance

A good start for reading about the Morris may be the VI Morris Links page

ITM & QBM practise at a private hall in the autumn and winter, and in various parks in the summer (Mon & Wed respectively). Please contact them for location information. HTM uses the Scout Hall in Fairfield, on Tue

Regional Morris

There are two Vancouver sides (Vancouver Morris Men & Tiddley Cove Morris) and one Bowen Island side (Black Sheep, "Baa!") with whom we have much fun either side of the Strait

Seattle sides may be found via Seattle

A major regional gathering that attracts the Morris is NW Folklife in Seattle over the US Memorial Day weekend in May. Sides from BC LML, WA, and OR dance out there and socialise. Ably assisted, in singing anyway, by individual representatives from some Victoria and Anchorage, AK sides