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Newsy stuff

- Vancouver ECD Ball registration opens

- The CDSS board meets in Victoria over the 12-14 Feb 2016 weekend, so we also have: a moved Friday ECD evening; Victoria Contra workshop, a dance with the amazing New Page Country Dance Orchestra and many callers,sing around after Contra; Community forum with the CDSS Board and Exec Director, Newfie dancing, Morris dancing, sing around - info poster

Said forum is purportedly one of the main reasons the Executive travels to different communities across North America and its goals are:
>> - To meet with local members, organizers, dancers, singers, musicians and callers; and to learn about the local dance, music and song scene
>> - To find out what issues are of importance to the local community
>> - To share what CDSS is and what we are up to
>> - How CDSS can help the local community
>> This is a way local communities have direct access to the leadership of CDSS

- Shady Grove Trad. Square dance - new poster, updated entry
- Dance Hall page has been updated. Pass along your info!

- Victoria area Morris sides (teams) hosted a Morris Ale 12-14 June 2015 in honour of Fred of Hollytree Morris and his 90th natal anniversary. Photos and images available

Island Dance List, [iDance] an e-mail listserver. Use the button at any page top for more info. Join this e-mail list, receive info from organisers, send out word of your event, or discuss starting or attending one! (Don't panic, I'll reduce the "instructions" shortly, just visit the site and sign up. It's e-mail, what can go wrong?)

- Please send your dance event, activity, hall, or other information to this web site. A big thank you to folks submitting information, tell your friends, heck tell others as well. Also send it out via iDance, the list

- Like to help make this site into  http://island-dance.ca/ or http://vislanddance.ca/  (preferences? suggestions?) Perhaps a small $ contribution to help house the site? Please get in touch

What's all this then?

An independent (enough) Folk & Country Dance web site & e-mail list for Dancers, Dance Groups, Callers, Musicians, Organisers, and the like, on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and other islands in or near Southern British Columbia. Some Lower Mainland, regional and BC information or connections will be presented for island dancers

Please see the About page for more background or rationale and to make any submissions & updates, which are most welcome