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    Guy's I am Back. Can't believe it's more than a year since I updated our site.

    Anyhow as they say "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER".

    Well First of all Let me recognize What a fantastic Season we have had so far. Finished on top of  the league in regular season. Some of the key achievements for this season so far are REACHING THE FINALS and beating All-India for the first time. Also we have beaten Some heavy weights of the league Lions (Twice-once in regular season and 2nd round), Juniors (Twice-once in regular season and in the semi-finals), Pakistan (Once, we'll need to do it again cause they are in the Finals as they are playing some excellent cricket as well), Cosmos (once). There were couple of losses once to Bloomfield and once to the newcomers Lakbima whom we did eventually beat in the 2nd round.

    This has been the most rewarding season of all and we have a great chance to win it all this year. Be ready and focused for the task ahead of us. Also I just got of the phone with Inderjit he told me that the game might be moved to this Saturday Sept23/06. He will be in touch with all of you.

    Guy's I know the season was filled with some great performances throughout the year. There are few that I remember one was  Harvinder's unbeaten hundred against Lions in the 2nd round where he smashed them all over the place. Manjit's Hundred against Lions in the regular season. Inderjit's excellent knock against All-India and his Five wicket haul in the semi-final against Juniors. I know there are lot more and each and every one of us has played a role in the teams success.

    The key this year was the addition of some young new talent in the form of Harvinder  Jaggy  Sam and also an Experienced Campaigner Manjit who has brought some much needed Solidification in the middle order both batting and bowling wise.

    Practice is this Thursday at 6:00PM. All be there as we will discuss some issues . I will be taking some team pictures this coming Saturday and will be posting it here with all the details of the Final Match.

    Guy's If you want to share any success stories and good of bad experience of this season please write me and e-mail at . I will do some more work around here in the coming few days so bear with me as I organize this  space. Thank You for being patient.


    Guy's I hereby take this opportunity to Bid Farewell to our Great Friend Our Founder Anil Bhatt as he is moving to Calgary. Anil Bhai we will miss your commitment and your passion for Cricket over the years. We wish you well in whatever you pursue in future and we promise to keep alive the spirit of Cricket amongst ourselves and definitely will be looking to take care of our "back yard" and we certainly know what you mean by that!! Take care and be safe our friend!!! Guys I have started couple of topics regarding our discussion at Ajay bhai's house the other night. So please go to the message boards and post your thoughts Aug13/05

    IndiaXI/AllIndia We finally had a game after a few weeks of layoff and the laziness showed in our performances. All India batted first and piled 180 runs with Suresh contributing nice 80 runs. Niel bowled a tight line and picked up couple of wickets in the process. Andy took 3 with Sunny Harwant and Inderjit sharing the rest of the wickets. Our Batting flopped again.Other than Jassy's patient knock of 30 odd runs and Andy's quick fire 24 nothing is worth mentioning. I will be looking forward to this Thursday's Practice to sort out some of the bugs for our double header coming up this weekend. July24/05

    IndiaXI/Juniors We won the toss and elected to field. Juniors(Not actually!!Juniors e.g. David Hakes and Ron Dipchand are above 40 LOL) made hefty 230 with Harvinder and Ehsan adding 50 each. We tumbled around for 143. With Andy Sunny Jassy and Neil contributing some runs for the cause. Summary of the game DROPPED CATCHES about 10 of them. Don't need to say anymore!! Also guys I do need some feedback from all of you about the site if you like it or not! Cause if you don't I will go back to my shell again He He!!!


    As you guy's might have noticed I have finally switched servers. The new site address is !! !! I will be doing a lot more renovations around here. So do visit as often as you can to check whats cooking!! July19/05 Congratulation to Inderjit Sodha and Sunny Mangat for making the Manitoba Provincial Team. Manitoba will take on BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes in National Provincial Tournament. July 31 - August 6 in BC. July3,05 We had a great time at Grand Beach and here are the Pictures Andy took. All the pictures are in original shape so if you want to download them onto your computer just right click and save. There are different ways to view the photo album. You could select the slide show and enjoy. To get the full size pictures just click on them..... Grand Beach 2005 Picture Aug 30,04, I have uploaded all the pictures taken on Sunday. They are still in raw stage.I will fix em up soon. Anyways here you go and enjoy them.. Team Picture Team-2 Ground Picture 2004 League champions All-India For rest of the pictures go click on your name in Current Players Section.. May 10,04, Well I am posting this message after about one year. Lots has happened since then. New season is starting this Sunday. There are some new players in this playing 11. I will introduce them in my next message!! I think it's going to be a better year then the last one. May 26,03, Yesterdays game was a good dose of reality for all of us and a harsh reminder of the kinda season is lying ahead of us. One good thing did come out of this was that we realised where we stand in terms of competition level. All of us need to work on our game a lot more. On a more positive note we did get some sponsorship and it's our responsibility to give Low Cost Driving some business back. Our next game is against WPG JUNIORS on June 1st this coming SUNDAY. Let's get really ready for that.... May 13,03, All right guy's we are back with a brand new outdoor season 2003
    I will keep all of you updated with some of the happenings of this new season.
    We will be playing our first game of the season against Pakistan on May 18th.
    The practice match with Pakistan was a good warm up game. Also I hereby take
    this opportunity to welcome three new faces on board
    1. Gagga {all rounder} 2.Sarabjit {wicket-keeper} 3.Varinder {left-arm Spin Bowler}
    I will be giving these t-shirts away for printing of our sponsors logo on them.
    I request all players to bring em to me this Thursday's practice
    FINALLY GUY'S GOOD LUCK FOR THIS UPCOMING SEASON!!!!!! Jan12,03, Happy new year to all of you out there and welcome to a brand new season
    of INDIA XI. We are starting our Indoor Season Today in A Division
    with some familiar faces. I hereby like to welcome Manjit, Sunny and Jassy for being
    part of our team. The current team for Six-a-side is as following........
    1.Andy(cap.)2.Harwant(vice cap)3.Bhagwant 4.Manjit 5.Sunny 6.Jassy 7.?????
    I will be in touch with all the players who have played with us throughout last couple
    of seasons. We will have a general body meeting in March sometime to decide
    our outdoor season for both ALL INDIA and INDIA XI
    For those who are interested in knowing who won the final between us and Taverens
    well Taverens did, but we gave em heck of a fight and it was a good match Another interesting news is that all 52 matches of the WORLD CUP WILL BE ON DISH
    If you are interested in watching em contact me...
    Dec7,02, We made it to the final of the indoor season with Andy's last ball Four(three runs were
    needed to win of the last ball).The final will be played against those
    invincible Taverens on Dec 15,02 at BCCC at 3:00PM Up for grab will be Champion of Champions
    Trophy Everybody is invited for that match as there will be awards ceremonies after
    both the league matches are done at 9:00PM PS: PICTURES FROM THE OUTDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS CEREMONIES ARE UP DO CHECK EM OUT Nov6,02, First loss of the Indoor Season to those tough Taverens. We don't have a match for next
    couple of weeks. The next match is on Nov24,00. I will see ya all then......
    Live Audio of Ashes Series Nov4,02, First of all A Very Happy Diwali to all of you out there Secondly we have a great start to the indoor season we have won both of the games played
    so far. Our next game is against Tavrens this wed at 8PM. I will contact whoever is playing
    personally Oct25,02, The indoor season will start on oct 27 and we have a match on the opening night
    against Next-Gen. the following 7 players will be playing
    1.Andy 2.Bhagwant 3.Parag 4.Anil 5.Vijay 6.Paresh 7.Sanjeev(NC) Oct19,02, Guy's Don't forget about today's Award Presentation Ceremonies at
    307 MAIN ST. I would urge averybody to participate. It all starts at
    6:00PM so see you guy's there!!!! Oct13,02, The stats for our division are out follow these links to find our who finished where,
    we have few finishes in top ten....(Anil Thanki's bowling stats don't look right)
    Batting Bowling Sept26/02, Guy's it seems like our season is finished with a no-show from Olympians on Saturday.
    But good news is that we are advancing to A division next year and we will have
    some stiff competition on our hands. There will not be any practice
    sessions from now onwards as it is getting really chilly out there.
    I do however want to play a game with all India, probably next Sunday if it's
    not very cold, This Sunday we can not since we all will be at Anil House for a Barbecue...
    See you guy's Then!!!! GO INDIA GO-GET THAT CHAMPIONS TROPHY!!!! Sept20/02, Guy's after all we have a game tomorrow! These are the players who will be playing...
    1.Andy 2.Bhagwant 3.Varinder 4.Bhagwant 5.Anil 6.Vijay 7.Manoj 8.Paresh 9.Bobby 10.Sanjeev
    11.Rajesh(Not Confirmed) Sept16/02, Hello!! Every one, It's been a few days since I posted any messages just because there was
    nothing much going on for last few weeks. We haven't played any Cricket for almost a month now
    Any how we will see some action this weekend against those Olympians. The match is on
    Saturday Sept 21,02. The practice is moved to this Wed. So I hope to see all
    of you then. I will post players for this match soon right here... Sept02/02, Guy's we are on top of the league having won all 8 of our games played so far check
    these Standings and be proud. The only unbeaten team in the whole league!!! Aug29/02, Rick Kalu Called me last night and told me that some of there players are gone to
    Minneapolis with Lions to play without letting him know and hence he does not have
    enough Players for this Saturday and cancelled the game. Guy's I will not
    rearrange this match until the original date of September 21st, and will see if
    they show up at that point........ Aug29/02, Match for Saturday is cancelled because Olympian's can not find players
    I will post details soon little later today!!!!
    Aug27/02, This will be the team for Saturday's Match against Olympians:::: 1.Andy 2.Varinder 3.Bhagwant 4.Harwant 5.Anil T 6.Parag 7.Vijay 8.Manoj
    9.Bobby 10.Paresh 11.Sanjeev also guy's practice will be on Wednesday instead of Friday:: Aug25/02, Guy's Springbok was a no show today again, but we got the points and it's pretty much clear
    for us to top this division and move on to A. We still have a match remaining against
    Olympians which will be held this Saturday aug31,01

    I will let all of you know who will be playing in this match by Wednesday,
    Also we will be practicing on Wednesday instead of Friday cause of the match. See ya all on
    Wednesday at the Park.... Aug23/02, This will be the team for Sunday (aug 25th)match against Springbok::::: 1.Andy 2.Varinder 3.Bhagwant 4.Harwant 5.Anil T 6.Parag 7.Bobby 8.Manoj 9.Vijay
    10.Paresh 11.Rajesh Aug18/02, Great win against Olympians puts us right on top of the league
    with two more games to go, we have to win one more game to win the B division
    Bhagwant had a great game with 53 runs and so did Tanki who picked up 4 wicket
    and crucial last 25 or so runs ... Aug15/02, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to every Indian out there, It feel's great to be free and
    Respected!!! Aug12/02, Guy's only one change in the team that will be playing this Sunday against Olympians,
    Sharma will be playing instead of Ashish, the cancelled game against Springbok will be
    decided later on!!!!!! Aug08/02, The following will be the team for Sunday's match against Springbok 1.Andy 2.Varinder 3.Bhagwant 4.Harwant 5.Parag 6.Anil T 7.Manoj 8.Paresh 9.Bobby 10.Vijay 11.Ashish Sanjeev,Rajesh & Subbu will be Sitting out.... Aug07/02, A very exciting win over Taverens is just what the Doctor ordered before going into a
    big one against Springboks this Sunday India XI 102 all out/Taverens 91 all outIt was a collective team effort so i
    will give man of the match to all of us!!! Good game guys!!! Aug 05/02, These are the players for Wed's(Aug 7,02) Match against Taverens: 1.Andy 2.Varinder 3.Bhagwant 4.Harwant 5.Manoj(U R In)6.Anil t 7.Paresh 8.Subbu 9.Sanjeev
    10.Rajesh(**N.C.)11.Ashish **N.C. - Not Confirmed July 27/02 Carlton was a no show on sat, a very disappointing day, anyhow we got our win #6
    our next match is on Aug 7 against Taverens!!!
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