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a tall graphic designer,
with a side of web design,
in a SHORT world.

Tall? Yes, 6'2". Little old ladies at the grocery store love to ask me to reach things from the top shelf for them.

Designer? Definitely. I've designed and built a wide variety of projects. From marketing pieces, magazines, ads, directories, charts, books, microsites, and flash ads, I've had my sticky fingers involved. I've also been responsible for tight deadlines, prioritizing workflow, assisting in the training and development of staff, troubleshooting files, solving technical (software) problems, and the development of procedural guidelines. And I continue to develop my web skills.

So, what am I looking for? Opportunities where my talents and interests can create visually amazing pieces that help your organization achieve its goals. My references are exemplary and I'd like to discuss how I can be an asset to your creative department.

What's with the pug, you ask? I love my pug, Odin. I'm a sucker for a squished-in face :)
Birdeen Selzer Graphic/Web Designer A small apartment above a commercial space in Vancouver, BC p: 778.874.0658 e: