Translation - Chapter 107


Game 107 In to the Castle


Mai: Yugi! Take these star chips! / And then…

Mai: Battle Joey and me in the castle!

Yugi: …

Joey: Haha! Yugi! You are so lucky! / Just quickly take Mai’s star chips! / Quickly!

Tea: Yeah! Yugi! She is just returning these star chips to you! / If you take these star chips, you will have all ten star chips! Then you can enter the castle!

Yugi: …

P. 3

Yugi: I… / I cannot accept these star chips….

Everyone: ! / Joey: Why!? / Tea: Yugi…

Mai: …!

Yugi: When I was battling Kaiba… I had an argument with the other me… / At the end I lost… / I can no longer be so bratty…

Yugi: If I change into the other me… / I am sure he would not accept these star chips either…

Yugi: That’s why… / I… cannot accept them…

P. 4

Mai: I do not know what actually happened… / However, the other you, really has a strong sense self-esteem and dignity…

Mai: But… These star chips, were actually won by the other you from dark killer, I was just temporally borrowing them… / If you are talking about pride, then when I accepted these star chips, I had already lost my face!

Mai: I planned to return you ten star chips! / Yugi: …

Yugi: I still can’t accept them…

Joey: Stop joking around! / Yugi: …

Yugi: Jo… / Joey…

Joey: Is the most important thing is your own feelings? / Yugi: Ah!

P. 5

Joey: Stop caring about the other Yugi! / How about your own will?

Yugi: I…

Joey: Yugi! Stop being affected by the other you! Yugi: !!

Joey: Think about it yourself! / What is the most important thing in the world?

Yugi: The most important thing…

Joey: You keep talking about a duellist’s dignity, pride, and face… / You are so ridiculous!

Joey: Do you have something even more important that you must protect?

Yugi: Grandpa…

P. 6

Joey: Yugi… A useless person like me, miraculously won ten star chips. / To advance one more step toward deserving the name of a “duellist”, I am already very happy. / But now…

Joey: I do not want to become a duellist who only cares about dignity, but does not actually has the skill! / That’s not the way I will become!

Joey: If a duellist only care about his own face and nothing else, he only has the outside look of a duellist.

Joey: For protecting something important to me, even if I have to roll in the mud I will still go!

Joey: That’s - / The great and important man – Joey Wheeler’s inner feelings.

Yugi: Joey…

P. 7

Mai: Joey…

Mai: It’s true… pride can sometimes become a burden…

Mai: Yugi… / I tried so hard to win back ten star chips, is not only because of a duellist’s pride…. / Yugi: What…

Mai: The moment I can give back your star chips, I would have the right to duel you right?

Mai: But the truth is… / I wanted to see you guys again!

Mai: That time… You guys said to me, that I was your friend. / I was really happy… / because that was the first time… anyone said that to me…

Tea: Mai…

P. 8

Mai: So, just consider these star chips as prove for those words! / So now you should be able to accept them right?

Yugi: Yes! / I accept these star chips!

Tristan: Awesome! / Yugi had just safely won his ten star chips!

Joey: Yugi! If the other Yugi comes out again, tell me! / I will show him!

Yugi: You don’t need to! / I will not be affect by him ever again!

Joey: Good!


Joey: Now! Let’s get into the castle!

P. 10

Joey: Hun?

Guard: You guys are the participants who got all of the star chips? / Everyone: Yes! / Guard: The number of people allow into the castle left is three!

Mai: I have ten star chips!

Guard: Good! Please go in!

P. 11

Yugi: Next is me! / I also have ten star chips!

Guard: You are… Yugi… / Yugi: These star chips are enough right?

Guard: Yes… / They are ten star chips…

Yugi: …

Joey: Next is me! / Look! Ten star chips!

Joey: Come on! I am going in… / Guard: Hold on! / What’s with these people behind you!

Tea: Ha… we are here to cheer them on… / Guard: What!

Guard: No way! Absolutely no way, only one person can get into the castle! / Tea: But… But… / Bakura: That is the rule…

Guard: Ouch!

Joey: Just let him count the stars around his own head! / Tea: Poor him…

P. 12

Mai: Everyone is here safely! / Joey: Yes! Just as we planned! / Tea: We had a plan? / Joey: Just pretend we did!

Yugi: Let’s go!

Yugi: Pegasus is waiting right ahead of us! / Grandpa! Hold on!

P. 13

Yugi: That… That is…

Yugi: Bandit Keith!

Keith: Hum?

Keith: This is so shocking… / You guys already arrived at the castle…

Joey: Damn Bandit Keith… / You actually tried to trap us in the cave!

Joey: I will kill you… / Keith: Don’t be so rash! / An interesting entertainment is about to begin! After that I will give you my greetings… / Joey: An interesting entertainment?

Keith: Look!

P. 14

Yugi: That is… / Joey: …

Joey: The duelling arena!

P. 15

Yugi: And in the middle of the arena…

Yugi: Kaiba!

P. 16

Keith: Beginning now… / The duel between Kaiba and Pegasus will begin… haha…

Yugi: Kaiba and Pegasus!

Guard: Now… / Joey: !!

Guard: The four visitors who will participate in the finals… / Welcome to Pegasus’ castle… / However, it looks like a few people sneaked in…

Guard: I will let you go this one time, and watch this special duel! / This is what Mr. Pegasus had specially prepared for you guys, to cerebrate the hardship you endured to pass the many tests in Duellist kingdom, to specially congratulate and welcome you all…

Yugi: …! / Kaiba!

P. 17

The evil Big Five: Haha…

Necklace: Pak!

Kaiba: Mokuba! You must wait for me! / I will defeat Pegasus, and free you!


Kaiba: Pegasus!!

Pegasus: Welcome to my castle! Kaiba boy!

Pegausu: I had been waiting forever here in the Duellist Kingdom castle, for the coming of this holy moment.


Pegasus: Haha… You don’t have to worry! / As long as you can defeat me, I will let you bring Mokuba home as promised!

Pegasus: I had been waiting for this… / most fantastic battle!

Kaiba: Bring it on! Pegasus!

Pegasus: Ha… the game of darkness is about to begin!

Yugi: The king of Duellist Kingdom… / Pegasus what kind of power does he holds…?

-Chapter ends-


Can you believe how the stupid anime change this beautiful speeches made my Mai and Joey? Tea just cannot duel! I tell you, but they just HAD to make her duel didn’t they? Mai and Joey’s speeches were just so fabulous, amazing, and cool! How dare they change that to Tea’s pitiful little duel, and in the English version, Tea’s little pitiful, stupid friendship speech? Oh well, at least now we all know the truth… *smile* Mai and Joey are just such good partners in persuading people don’t you think? They are cool!

And then there was of course, the beginning of Kaiba’s battle with Pegasus… Pegasus is so sarcastic that he made me laughed out loud when I was translating. He is so cool… Pegasus, I really like a bad guy like him. I wish I can read Pegasus’ little speech about Funny Rabbit in the manga… and then of course, there was the funny flame around Kaiba when Pegasus called him, “Kaiba-boy”, I laughed out loud there too. Poor Kaiba, soon to have his soul stolen, so close to his little brother, yet to far away…