Translation - Chapter 124

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Keith: How… How can this be possible… / I being the winner of the last tournament price money…

Keith: How is it possible that I would loose to this kid…?! / Bandit Keith LP 0

Yugi: Wonderful…!!

Announcer: The winner is Joey Wheeler!!

Game 124 At that moment!

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Joey: I won!!

Game 124 At that moment!

Page 3:

Joey: I finally won!!

Joey: Serenity…

Yugi: Joey! / Tea: Joey!

Joey: Yugi! / Joey: Tea!

Joey: I have to thank you… / I won this time, all because of you guys…

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Yugi: No! Being a finalist, the courage it takes to stand up alone and confront a challenge, is not something other people can give you… / It is something that belongs only to you!

Tea: That’s right! / This is something that is won by Joey himself! / You should feel proud of yourself!

Joey: Mai… / I should really have to thank you…

Joey: I am sorry, Yugi… / The Duelist Kingdom tournament has yet to end, / but my own battle has already ended…

Tea: However… / Now, the only one who can participate in the bonus duel, has to be either Yugi or Joey, / does that mean you two have to battle each other?

Yugi: That is not necessary!

Yugi: The sole reason I came to Duelist Kingdom to defeat Pegasus, we battle together to here, we can now catch up to him in attack range, / If we battle against each other now in front of him, we will lose some of our advantages! / That would do a lot of harm to us!

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Yugi: Joey! Leave the rest to me!!

Joey: Yugi…!!

Joey: Only you have the power to defeat Pegasus, / That fact, is something we already knew even before we came to Duelist Kingdom…

Joey: However…

Joey: How can I allow you to carry all the responsibilities that I am suppose to carry? / Yugi! If you do that then you will be carrying a very heavy load!

Yugi: That doesn’t matter!

Yugi: I will only win, if I carry the responsibilities! / Joey, aren’t you like this too?

Joey: Yugi…

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Yugi: Joey! I will definitely defeat Pegasus! / I am doing this also for Serenity!

Joey: Yugi!

Yugi: This time for our battle has arrived! Pegasus!!

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Pegasus: Prepare the duel stage for me! / Guard: !

Guard: Mr. Pegasus! / But Yugi and Joey didn’t battle each other yet… / Pegasus: That is not necessary!

Pegasus: To them, the duel deciding who is the winner is completely meaningless!

Pegasus: I can see it…

Pegasus: In their hearts, there’s a very strong trust for each other… / And the one entrusted with his friend’s determination is Yugi boy, their determination have becomes even stronger…

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Pegasus: This is totally unbelievable… / At this moment I, actually want to accept Yugi’s determination fair and square…

Pegasus: In the identity of the Duelist Kingdom King!!

Pegasus: Okay! Yugi boy…

Pegasus: Let the final duel in the kingdom begins!!

P. 9

Announcer: Yugi vs. Pegasus!!

Yugi: The time have finally come…

Pegasus: Haha… My heart is filling with such joy… / It’s haven’t been like this for many years, the feeling of a Duelist had been called forth…

Keith: Hun!

Keith: Hehe… / Watch me!

Keith: Haha… / The last person left laughing, guess who it will be…?

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Pegasus: !

Keith: Hehe… Pegasus… / So we finally meet again!

Guard: What do you think you are doing? Pegasus: …

Pegasus: He doesn’t have any weapons on him…

Keith: I am going trying to find you for one thing… / Give me all the price money now!!

P. 11

Pegasus: Ah… / So this is the honorable behavior of the price money king… / No wonder you lost to an amateur!

Keith: You don’t need to change the topic!!

Keith: Give me the price money now! / Pegasus: Oh yeah….

Pegasus: According to the Duelist Kingdom rules, I must punish you…

Pegasus: Just then in the finals, some of your actions were indecent, / You secretly hid cards in your wrist band, then you secretly insert them into your hand of cards… / This sort of behavior cannot escape my eyes!

Keith: So what? / The Duelist Kingdom rules do not matter to me! / I am the rules!

Pegasus: In the battle between you and I, you totally lost your duelist heart…

Pegasus: Repent… / Keith: Hun?

P. 12

Pegasus: The game of punishment begins now!!

Keith: Wahhhhhhhhhh!

Keith: …. / Woooooo… / !

Keith: Wahhh… / My… how did my hand…

Keith: Turn… turn into a gun…?!

P. 13

Keith: Ahhhh! My hand is moving on its own…!!

Gun: Chick chack!

Guard: …

P. 14

Yugi: Good! / I’ve checked over all of my cards!

Yugi: It’s all up to you guys now! My card deck!!

Yugi: Grandpa…

Yugi: I finally get to duel with Pegasus! / I will defeat him, and release your soul!

Grandpa: Yugi, dueling Pegasus, should be your most challenging test… / Yugi: …

Grandpa: People who loose themselves to rough situations, can only walk down the road of defeat!

Grandpa: Yugi! Whenever you are in pain, you should face your own heart… / This way you will always be able to find a solution!

P. 15

Yugi: Yes! / Grandpa! I understand!

Tristan: Yugi! / Joey!

Joey: …!

Joey: Tristan! / Bakura!

Tristan: Yugi, the time finally came! / Joey: Where did you guys go? / Really…

Tristan: We just saved Mokuba, right now he is asleep in the bedroom, / It looks like Kaiba is imprison in another building, we have no way of saving him!

Tristan: Yugi, Mokuba’s soul seemed to be taken away, /.Now, only you can save the brothers’ souls!

P. 16

Yugi: Mokuba!

Yugi: You said during Death-T game… / Yugi you have to save my big brother…/ Okay! I promise I will bring him back!

Yugi: I will keep my promise! / I will reunite you two brothers!

Bakura: Yugi! You have to win for Mokuba!

Tristan: When we were at the jail cell, Bakura looked a bit strange, but only I noticed… / But now is not the time to talk to Yugi and the others about it…

Tristan: Yugi! You are going to win! / Yugi: Yes!

Announcer: It’s time!!

Announcer: Yugi! Please come up to the dueling stage!

Joey: It’s starting now!

Tristan: Yugi! It’s all up to you now! / Joey: You have to defeat Pegasus!

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P. 18

Yugi: Pegasus! In this last battle in the kingdom, I am going to win!!


This chapter shows Keith’s punishment and the beginning of Yugi vs. Pegasus duel. To tell you the truth this chapter was translated because of this argument/controversy at a message board Sakura and I both visit.

I find it interesting how there’s no duel between Yugi and Joey in the manga. I also find Keith’s punishment interesting.

I don’t have much else to say about this chapter because it’s quite self-explanatory.