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Foreword  (as printed in human/nature catalogue)

You have in your hands a catalogue which highlights the vibrant, Canadian, cultural visual art scene, one that I invite you to explore.
    This collective installation of four prominent Canadian women artists – Liz Ingram, Amy Loewan, Lyndal Osborne, and Laura Vickerson – explores the relationship of the environment with the human spirit, two themes which will no doubt find resonance in the hearts of Shanghainese. Contemporary art is a fabric with which dialogue can be established, where frontiers can be expanded and where innovation lies.
    Canada is proud of the creative spirit of its artists who, by their artworks across all disciplines, help to forge the cultural wealth and vitality of our country. We are very pleased to share this exhibition with the people of Shanghai – I hope you will be inspired by it.

                                                                  Robert B. Mackenzie, Consul General
Consulate General of Canada, Shanghai

Artists show us new ways to look at our environment. These artists show us a unique way to relate our experience to our natural environment. “human/nature” is a collection of varied expressions of the link between ourselves and our natural environment by our talented Canadian artists.

I am delighted to welcome you to enter the world of “human/nature”.

 Anthony F. Burger, Consul General
Consulate General of Canada, Hong Kong