Amy Loewan    "A Peace Project"

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Curriculum Vitae and Artist's short biography


A Peace Project,  2003
rice paper, ink, charcoal, pastel, wood and 100 Kg of jasmine rice (floor component)
each of the weavings measure 4 x 8 feet

In recent years, my art has been focused on the promotion of peace and human understanding. I believe strongly this intention has been driven by my cultural background. I was born in Hong Kong at the end of World War II, when peace was finally declared, and so I was given the name Wai-Ping. In Chinese Ping means ‘peace’ and Wai, ‘gift’. I am continually guided and inspired on my artistic path by that same deep yearning for greater peace and understanding in the world — something that was so much a part of my parents’ experience.
     In this large-scale rice paper weaving installation A Peace Project, I intertwine world languages and symbols to express my deep appreciation for the diversity of cultures and beliefs. Viewers are invited into a space of quiet contemplation. From a distance, the images appear simple, strong, geometric and abstract. When viewers are close enough to read this work, they are presented with words representing values which are vital to meaningful human relationships: compassion, kindness, respect, understanding, patience, tolerance, gentleness and forgiveness. This installation is intended to be a point of departure. I hope that viewers find here a quiet place to explore their own personal quests for peace, inside their hearts and in the world beyond.





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