Course description:


Communications Management 101 - Strategies and Tactics


Facilitator: Gerald Horne, 420-2146


All great achievements begin with an idea. In the life of a successful organization, everyone involved must be clear about the organization's mission, which is the central idea of the organization. If the mission is clear, one can set measurable goals and establish a strategy for achieving results in fund raising, lobbying and volunteer development, as well as in advancing the work of the organization.

It's the public relations officer's or PR chair's job to remind the organization of its loftier mission, to congratulate achievement in all its forms and to help keep the channels of communication open. This is done with publications such as newsletters, with media publicity and with events that engage the imagination of members and the general public.

Over eight weeks we'll work together to learn what successful organizations are doing right, and we'll apply some models and theories in order to suggest how they can do better.

What is covered in this course (tentative schedule):

We will also have an opportunity to discuss and possibly to practise the following:

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