Welcome.  I'm Tom B.  I make holograms in my basement with a
home-made diode laser setup. Basically it's just a bare Panasonic LNCQ05
660 nm DVD laser diode, 50 ohm resistor, and a lab power supply. Plus some
extra optics & electronics, but nothing fancy.

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Click here to see my quaint and amusing holograms !

For more amateur holography, check out Colin's Excellent Holography Forum:


Update log:

    Apr 20/08 - finally got around to putting up "Bee Girl" from last year
    Oct 21/07 - new pic - "Lakshmi and the Golden Walnut"
    May 20/07 - new pic - "Homeland Hijinx"
    Dec 30/06 - new pic - "The Ecstasy of Bendable Edna"
    Sept 8/06 - new pic - "Eggy"

    Aug 11/06 - page reorg -  For your browsing convenience, page colors are now inverted and I have switched
            to reverse chronological order to keep new stuff up front.  
Thank you for your cooperation. It's still  ugly
            as sin, but once I get the blinking gifs and obnoxious flash ads up it should be OK.

    Aug 05/06 - new pic - "Heaven"
    Mar 23/06 - new pic - "Sleeper"
    Nov 19/05 - new pic - "Three Vertebrates and a Phonograph"
    Oct 30/05 - new pic  - "Crazy Jane & the Lizard II"
    Aug 13/05 - new pic - "Apotheosis of Winky"