Here r some pics of my carputer for my 03 Maxima (Spent 3 days on installation). My goal was to build a fully functional carputer with minimal amount of work & money. All I spent was $230 for the Lilliput screen and $110 for the GPS Receiver. I didn't want to mess with anything on the dash since I may sell my car later, so I just installed the screen on top of the console...anyway this placement is nice enough to serve my purposes =D

How I turn on/off the carputer (refer to pic below):
1) Go into the car
2) Switch on the red switch to power on the invertor
3) Push white switch to wake PC from hibernation
4) Have some fun (MP3, GPS, DVD..etc) =)
5) Push white switch to hibernate PC
6) Switch off the red switch to power off the invertor
The car engine can be turned on/off anytime as the invertor is connected directly to the battery.
It's a dumb setup but it saves me $ on the Opus PS as long as I remember to switch off the invertor everytime I quit the car.
But anyway, the Opus doesn't provide enough power for my AMD1800+, FX5900(that needs 1 extra connection) & full size MB.

Heart of the carputer. Very weird installation but it's done very quickly (3 days). I added "suspensions" for the DVDROM & the HDD, don't know if that helps but it does give me a safer feeling when I go over speed bumps =D

I know this looks terrible...but I got tired after 3 days of work so I'm gonna fix them later =D

This is where I mount the GPS Receiver. I have tried to put it under the front/rear windshield but the result was just terrible. Gotta put it on top of the car.

At Night: