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Unclutter Your Life: Transforming Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Space by Katherine Gibson does more than tackle the clutter we see—a messy desk, junk under the bed, stuff in closets or jammed in the attic. In short, coffee-break length chapters, Unclutter Your Life exposes the unseen obstacles that pack the mental and emotional in-basket of life.

“I was asked to write Unclutter Your Life when a piece I wrote about living TV-free aired on CBC radio,” says Katherine. “Writing this book has impacted how I live my life and I am delighted to share what I have learned with others.”

Unclutter Your Life will show how our creative potential is unleashed when we attack visible and invisible clutter with action, clarity, and a good spring cleaning.
Learn how to:
Clear out closet-freeloaders
Trash paper and office clutter
Become a one-bag traveler
Liberate yourself from television
Tune out noise terrorists
Unclutter the holidays
Ditch draining relationships
Put money in its place
Be rid of guilt, resentments, and self-doubt
...And more!
Suggestions and resources to unclutter your life are included with each chapter. For a complete chapter list and an excerpt from Unclutter Your Life, visit the book's official site at www.clutterbook.com.

Seminars & Workshops

Katherine Gibson can adapt the following programs to suit your audience and your time slot.
Unclutter Your Life
This inspirational presentation will challenge listeners to see that a contented life lies in not simplifying life, but simply living. Katherine will show how to create harmony in our lives, inside and out.
Five Secrets to Banish Clutter…Forever
End your battle with physical clutter. Katherine’s fail-proof secrets promise to tell you how to transform your physical space. Learn why we clutter, how to release possessions that no longer have a purpose in our lives, and what to do so clutter won’t sneak back into your life.
Four Secrets to Living TV-Free
Put more time into your life by reducing or eliminating TV. This workshop provides proven steps to make this significant life-enhancing change. The presentation can be structured for a general audience or focused for parents.
The Essential Traveller
Learn to be a one-bag traveler with Katherine’s practical travel tips. Whether it’s a weekend get-away, or a month-long tour, this seminar will prove that one bag fits all purposes. This practical hands-on workshop can be structured to suit the preferences of your audience.
Evict the Closet Freeloaders
One of our biggest clutter challenges is clearing our closets of items we no longer wear. This seminar will address what our clothes say about us, why we hang on to old clothes, how to honour sentimental clothing, and tips to organize a workable, uncluttered closet.


Unclutter Your Life: Transforming Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Space (Beyond Words Pub. Oregon, ISBN 1-58270-115-6, $14.95 U.S., $20.95 CND) will be available through bookstores April, 2004 or at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.fr.



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I have to tell you how grateful I was to read about your fortune / misfortune in Europe. It inspired me to pack as little as possible. I had just a small backpack for two weeks and I was the envy of my traveling companions. Thank you!"
Julie Steigerwaldt,
Freelance Editor

Katherine Gibson offers a blend of expert advice and kitchen-table wisdom for anyone seeking to unclutter their life. An easy to read "how to" guide with useful tips you can begin using right away. This fun and informative book is a gem.
Barry J. Izsak,
President of the National Association of Professional Organizers and owner of Arranging It All
Austin, Texas

I could not put down this book. I read it from cover to cover and then went immediately to my closet and took out things I no longer wear. The Chapter on "Guilt: Unloading Our Burden Basket," is amazing. No more guilt for me about the "shoulds". An absolute must read for all the clutterbugs out there. This book will change your life.
Jan Carroll,
President and owner Capital Clutter Busters
Victoria, British Columbia

Katherine Gibson writes a book that is sorely needed in today's hurry-up, pile-it-on culture. She provides wisdom in helping us create space and time for what really matters in life. Many times less is more.
Jeffrey Hill, PhD,
School of Family Life
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

Everyone wanting to unclutter their lives— inside and out—should have this book. Well-researched, practical, inspiring.
Daniel Stamp,
Chairman of Priority Management Systems Inc. and the author of Overcoming Barriers to Personal Success and The Invisible Assembly Line: Boosting White Collar Productivity in the New Economy.
Vancouver, British Columbia