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A Christmas gift to cherish. Learn the art of needlework as if Grandma was teaching you herself. Simple, well laid out, "a must for the Traditional Christmas". Relax and learn from the past the joy of needlework

Please check back often as we have a whole new line of needlepoint stockings as well as Cross Stitch Patterns to coming to choose from in 2009. These, as well as our original patterns, will be available in full colour for purchase, individually or in packaged sets. All Patterns are now available for purchse as single color prints, each pattern is in colour, the instructions are easy to read. Wholesale accounts are available. Contact Heirlooms to Order Patterns

Make Every Christmas Merry!!!.


[Santa's Kiss Little Boy needlepoint stocking]
[Angel's Kiss needlepoint stocking]
[Watching Santa needlepoint stocking]
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[Santa's Kiss Little Girl needlepoint stocking]

[Heirlooms.ca Book #1 (Front cover), on sale now]

Designs by CM Thompson

[Down The Chimney needlepoint stocking]
[Bell Elf cross stitch]
[Bunny Surpise cross stitch]
[Wreath Elf cross stitch]
[Angel Delivery cross stitch]
[Candy Elf cross stitch]
[Train Elf cross stitch]
[Good Night Santa cross stitch]
[Snowman cross stitch]

[Little Elf #1 Free Graph cross stitch]

Little Elf #1

[Little Elf #2 Free Graph cross stitch] [Little Elf #3 Free Graph cross stitch]

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