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Promoting understanding and practice of traditional yoga

Association goals

  • foster the practice of traditional classical yoga based on the teachings of Patanjali
  • bring teachers and students together from different yoga backgrounds to share knowledge and understanding
  • provide educational seminars, workshops and retreats for members and others that promote and explore all aspects of yoga
  • encourage yoga teacher training
  • hold monthly yoga practice sessions for members


Members come from various lines of yoga such as Intergral Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Radha Yoga and so on . Membership is intended to be inclusive - open to everyone interested in yoga - both teachers and students




Next Workshop





Ravi Ravindra March 13 2017

at the Church of Truth












From the Workshop with

April 17-19 2015

Swami Asokananda





beautiful location for the workshop bev


asok5 fun on the swing asok2