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There were other TV shows that involved detectives and mysteries with people fighting for the law and government and solving the crimes of criminals like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew did which appealed to either the same viewers or other viewers from a different generation















































































Ricky Nelson








Nelson guest starred in "The Hardy Boys Mysteries" playing a rock star named "Tony Eagle" in episode: "The Flickering Torch Mystery" (episode # 1.7) 3/27/1977

The famous offspring of actors Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard Nelson, Rick Nelson (born Eric Hilliard Nelson) began performing on his parents' radio show when he was only four.
When Ozzie and Harriet moved to television in 1952, Rick went with them and while on the show which was called The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, grew up to become a teen idol, loved not only as an actor but also as a rock & roll singer who racked up hits with such singles as "Hello Mary Lou," "Travelin' Man," and "Garden Party" (his biggest and last big hit as he performed it on the episode).

He appeared in films including Here Come the Nelsons (1952), The Story of Three Loves (1953), Rio Bravo (1959), The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1960), Love and Kisses (1965), concerts and he was also hosted the series Malibu-U.
He is also the father of actress Tracy Nelson and his twin sons Matthew and Gunnar Nelson who have their own band Nelson and became teen idols of the 90's like their father was back then.
He died on 31 December 1985 in De Kalb, Texas, USA. from a plane crash.


Lloyd Nolan























Nolan guest starred in "The Hardy Boys Mysteries" (1977) in episode: "Search For Atlantis" (episode # 3.4) 10/22/1978

The son of a San Francisco shoe factory owner, American actor Lloyd Nolan made it clear early on that he had no intention of entering the family business. Nolan developed an interest in acting while in college, at the expense of his education -- it took him five years to get through Santa Clara College, and he flunked out of Stanford, all because of time spent in amateur theatricals.
Attempting a "joe job" on a freighter, Nolan gave it up when the freighter burned to the waterline. In 1927, he began studying at the Pasadena Playhouse, living on the inheritance left him by his father.
Stock company work followed, and in 1933 Nolan scored a Broadway hit as vengeful small-town dentist Biff Grimes in One Sunday Afternoon (a role played in three film versions by Gary Cooper, James Cagney, and Dennis Morgan, respectively -- but never by Nolan).
He then moved to films and was a legendary film star by appearing in film's from the 30's and 40's such as 'G' Men (1935), Atlantic Adventure (1935), One-Way Ticket (1935), The Texas Rangers (1936), Counterfeit (1936), Wells Fargo (1937), King of Alcatraz (1938), St. Louis Blues (1939), Ambush (1939), Johnny Apollo (1940), Pier 13 (1940), Mr. Dynamite (1941), Dressed to Kill (1941), The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1942), Just Off Broadway (1942), Apache Trail (1942), Bataan (1943), The House on 92nd Street (1945), Somewhere in the Night (1946) and Wild Harvest (1947) certainly one of Hollywood's most versatile second-echelon leading men.
As film historian William K. Everson has pointed out, the secret to Nolan's success was his integrity -- the audience respected his characters, even when he was the most cold-blooded of villains. The closest Nolan got to film stardom was a series of B detective films made at 20th Century-Fox from 1940 to 1942, in which he played private eye Michael Shayne -- a "hard-boiled dick" character long before Humphrey Bogart popularized this type as Sam Spade. Nolan was willing to tackle any sort of acting, from movies to stage to radio, and ultimately television, where he starred as detective Martin Kane in 1951; later TV stints would include a season as an IRS investigator in the syndicated Special Agent 7 in 1958, and three years as grumpy-growley Dr. Chegley on the Diahann Carroll sitcom Julia.
In 1953, Nolan originated the role of the paranoid Captain Queeg in the Broadway play The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, wherein he'd emerge from a pleasant backstage nap to play some of the most gut-wrenching "character deterioration" scenes ever written.
Never your typical Hollywood celebrity, Nolan publicly acknowledged that he and his wife had an autistic son, proudly proclaiming each bit of intellectual or social progress the boy would make -- this at a time when many image-conscious movie star-parents barely admitted even having children, normal or otherwise.
Well liked by his peers, Nolan was famous (in an affectionate manner) for having a photographic memory for lines but an appallingly bad attention span in real life; at times he was unable to give directions to his own home, and when he did so the directions might be three different things to three different people.
A thorough professional to the last, Nolan continued acting in sizeable roles into the 1980s with hundreds of more films like Crazylegs (1953), Peyton Place (1957), We Joined the Navy (1962), An American Dream (1966), Sergeant Ryker (1968), The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover (1977), Prince Jack (1984) and Hannah and her Sisters (1986).


Shelly Novack




Novack guest starred in "The Hardy Boys" playing "Wally Siebert" in episode: "Wipe Out" (episode # 1.11) 4/24/1977

He played Sergeant Charlie Benson in the short-lived series Most Wanted and Agent Chris Daniels in a season of The F.B.I..
He has appeared in over a dozen of television movies and movies of the week including McCloud: Who Killed Miss U.S.A.? (1970), The Intruders (1970), The Letters (1973), The Desperate Miles (1975), Medical Story (1975), Most Wanted (1976), Superdome (1978), Love's Dark Side (1978) and guest starred on Ironside, The Virginian, The Name of the Game, The Mod Squad, Medical Center, Gunsmoke, The Streets of San Francisco, Cade's County, Emergency!, Police Story, Kung Fu, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Barnaby Jones, Switch, Good Heavens and The Love Boat.
He died on 27 May 1978 in Santa Monica, California, USA