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If you remember the late 70's, then you definitely have to remember who Shaun Cassidy was and when "The Hardy Boys" aired on Sunday in January of 1977 on ABC-TV, it made Shaun Cassidy a superstar.
Beforehand he used to travel with his parents when he was only six months old as they were heavily into the acting business.
His father was the late musical stage legend and screen actor Jack Cassidy who died shortly before "The Hardy Boys" aired.
His mother was the Oscar winning actress Shirley Jones.
He used to watch his mother and older half-brother David Cassidy star in the musical TV sitcom group "The Partridge Family" and he asked his mother to put in some shows but she refused as she felt he should concentrate on his schooling.

He performed in a band during his pre-teen's called "Every Mothers Dream" and then when he got older he was in a punk rock band called "The Longfellow" and then he was transferred to a private school in Beverly Hills.

He performed chorus in many musical stage productions and even
did a summer stock tour with his mother. During Shaun's grad year he went to Germany in 1976 and made a record there as well as in Austrailia and appeared on TV shows down there with his music.

Then he went back to L.A. as he got himself an agent and did a short film for NFB called "Born of Water" and then tried out for the part of Joe Hardy for the upcoming "The Hardy Boys" and successfully won the role but at that time he wasn't sure if he wanted to pursue an acting career as he wanted to focus on his music but he never sold an album in America but his dream was about to come true as in an episode called "The Mystery of the Flying Courier", it gave Shaun a chance to prove himself to be a pop star there when he played the role of Joe Hardy with his rock band performing at the local disco. One of the songs he performed on the episode was a cover of the Crystals golden oldie "Da Doo Ron Ron", which hit number one on the billboard charts, and his self titled debut album Shaun Cassidy went platinum.
He then recorded 5 more albums over the few years, which sold nation wide as well as his tours, which made him a hot item for the late seventies along with John Travolta, Andy Gibb, Leif Garrett, Rex Smith, Scott Baio, The Bay City Rollers and others like that as well as merchandise like posters, T-shirt iron on's, lunchboxes, books, teen magazines, etc.
He tried to change his image with his 5th album that had a heavier
rock sound to it called Wasp in 1980 backed up with the group Utopia but the album stiffed and his recording career was over.

He mostly made acting a primary focus to him for a while by playing Dave Stohler in "Breaking Away", based on the popular movie, but only eight episodes were made and the show was axed due to poor ratings proving that successful movies don't necassarily make
successful TV shows along with a writers strike occurring during that moment making very little episodes.

Feeling that TV didn't represent him too much he dropped out of
the screen acting biz for a while to pursue his career on stage by
performing in productions such as "Pass/Fail", "Dangerous Music", "Diary of a Hunger Strike", and two roles in the Broadway productions of "Mass Appeal" and "Blood Brothers" (with Petula Clark and his older half-brother David). All three cast members can be heard on the 1994 soundtrack album.

He did return to the screen again for a short while and made appearances on "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Matlock" and "Murder She Wrote", with a 3 month stint on the daytime soap "General
Hospital" and also did the odd movie of the week.

He also recorded a single in Germany called "Memory Girl" which he
performed in many shows there. Although he never returned to a recording career his singing voice can be heard on such compilation album's as The Gerschwinn Songbook, Over The Rainbow: The Music Of Harold Arlen, and The Christmas Collection II

Shaun left the acting and singing field to pursue his dreams as a writer and producer and created the short-lived but well publicized thriller "American Gothic" and now is working on other shows as an executive producer or writer like "The Agency", "Cold Case", "The Invasion" and "Blue Bloods".