March 2015

15 seconds of fame have literally come our way, with the Free Music Archive's 15-Second Microsong Challenge! Out of hundreds of entries (over 20 of them by us), Lee's track "Summers Playing Pinball" was the runner-up! Yay!

The track is available as a free public domain download, as are all of the entries. And congrat's to our online buddy Breakmaster Cylinder for snagging the winning song! Here's a playlist of all the tracks:

February 2015

February so far is turning out pretty busy! On Tuesday, February 10 Lee was interviewed on CFRC by K.L. Sealegs for her Below the Decks program, and you can listen to it below!

CFRC Below The Decks - interview with Lee Rosevere by Happypuppy on Mixcloud

Lee appeared for the second time on the Music Manumit podcast - you can check out the episode here, or subscribe to their podcast, as they always have interesting interviews with artists from the Creative Commons world.

Also just released is an album of 'Fog Music' by Lee for the Aural Films netlabel. The music was written in September 2014, and in January 2015 Lee recorded some new compositions that fit the theme, so he's releasing a separate version with selected pieces from Fog Music album in a new album called Still Water - you have to download both to get all the music, but they're both free! Available at Bandcamp and FMA.

And we forgot to mention that back in December, the BBC used a track from The Ambient Baby in a documentary about Sister Aimee. We're extremely pleased to be in same company as other Creative Commons legends like Podington Bear and Chris Zabriskie.

January 2015

Also released this month was a remix chain album, created from the Ninja Tune online forum. Multiple remixes were made out of the original track "Toastboat" by Tim Koch, and Lee participated in the remixing shenanigans. You can download all 14 remixes for free over at Shinobi Cuts bandcamp site.

Happy New Year! The first official release of 2015 is out - Collected Works 2004-2014 by KL Sealegs!

Fans of Happy Puppy might recognize her name from the numerous airplays she's given Lee Rosevere's music over the past year at CFRC radio in Kingston, ONT. And when we found out she makes music herself, we got her to put together an album of her original sound art pieces.

Wait - there's more! A companion fundraising album released at the same time of music written by LR exclusively for her show. Stay tuned - more exciting music to come this month!

December 2014

Happy holidays! We have a little Christmas gift for you, created in collaboration with 1337 strategist Jesse Hirsh and Lee called "Slouching Towards Bethelehem", available on FMA on Bandcamp for free. And stay tuned we have lots of great releases planned for 2015!

Welp, it doesn't happen too often but when it does, we're superjazzed! Our thanks to the guys of tabsout podcast that listed The Electric Amygdala's Lion on the Beach as #11 of their Top 200 Tapes of 2014! Paaaaarty.

Yes, we took November off, but we're back and we've mentioned Allister Thompson from the Make Your Own Taste blog before, and now he's officially a part of the Happy Puppy roster! Today we re-issue his album Infinites from 2006, that includes a few bonus tracks. For interest of psych-folk fans into Pink Floyd, Steve Kilbey, Nick Drake and John Martyn. Welcome aboard Allister!

October 2014

Because Lee's really impatient to put out music as soon as it's done, there's a brand new EP called Echo Peace up right now at FMA and Bandcamp for all you lossless types. Plus there is more music coming this month - we hope we haven't exhausted your interests yet!

Head on over to the Tabs Out podcast, where on the latest episode #54, they play a track off the super-limited edition cassette of The Electric Amygdala Lion on the Beach. Hear them be shocked at the low-run numbers ("Nine?! Only Nine?!") and try to pronounce 'amygdala' (spoiler: they get it right in the end).

It's October already?! Wow, time flies.. and to launch the month we've got a new extended EP from Canadian musician Marc Stapleford. He's been in the music industry for a while, and he's graciously given us his Eight Dreams release for free download in mp3 and flac. It's a great blend of his masterful acoustic-playing with some neat electronic elements. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

September 2014
Meanwhile Lee is working on a bunch of different projects, all will be revealed soon.. but for now, here's a short EP he just released, doing his best Jean Michel Jarre impression.

Welcome September! We have a couple of nice releases this month.. one now, and one to come in a few weeks. Today's is a new album from Cagey House! And with like his previous albums on HP, this one sounds like nothing else. Enjoy and don't forget to come back for another album we think you'll like..soon!

August 2014

Summer continues to swelter on and we've got the first release of the month - a fully instrumental 'sensitive' piano album from Lee called All These Simple Things. The concept was to write extremely simple material to counter-balance the heavy work that went into The Electric Amygdala album in June. Free to download!

July 2014

Well after two singles, we now have the full length debut album The Anechoic Experience from Vancouver group Unthunk, led by Trevor Tunnacliffe. It's a unique mix of experimental pop and chamber music, and it's quite unlike anything we've released. Available now free download!

Happy Canada Day! We thought one of the best presents we could give Canada (and the rest of the world) would be the second album by Canadian treasure Uncle Neptune! His second album Music For a Rainy Day is now available, so download and chase the clouds away with Uncle Neppy.

June 2014

Our super secret secret is out! A brand new full-length concept album from prog space kraut ambient rock band The Electric Amygdala entitled Lion on The Beach, only available on the band's Bandcamp page (it's not free, but it is Creative Commons!)

Hey, it's June - whattheheckisgoingon you ask? Lee released an EP entitled Music For Malls that is currently available at FMA and Bandcamp, there's a super-secret project that is almost completed, and look for the next Uncle Neptune album coming very soon!

We're also proud to announce that we've joined the ranks of 1998 internet-standards and got our own domain at happypuppyrecords.ca - spread the word!

May 2014

As May gets under way, our first release is a new 2-track single from the Vancouver group Unthunk, that made their recording debut on our label back in September last year. One vocal, one instrumental. Enjoy until the full length is completed.

April 2014

We very pleased to release of an album of music selected from fellow Creative Commons musician Le Berger's ITTOTM monthy-music-making soundcloud collective. Once a month a set of sounds is released, and everyone in the group is encouraged to remix and post their creations and Mallumo is a selection of tracks from the first two months of the project.

March 2014

BFW Recordings is celebrating their 5th anniversary this week, and to mark the occasion they asked for submissions for their Album In A Day series. All music was written and completed in one day, March 29 2014, and Lee's track "While The World Sleeps" is on it - release day is March 31, 2014 (there's a video too!). All the details are over at the Album In A Day page!

Perfect music for tax time! Announcing the debut release on Happy Puppy by ambient artist and stillstream host Scott Lawlor - it's our most (and probably only) political ambient protest album entitled 2161866618216.

The webstation Ambient Sleeping Pill has released their second compilation for the month of March, and it includes an exclusive remix of Lee's track "Make A Wish" - available for purchase with proceeds going towards station operating costs.

Lee released a short EP of new songs, but presented them as if they were being heard on a shortwave radio, inspired after spending time at the Shortwaveology website. Available now at Free Music Archive.

Some notable appearances of Lee's music in the last month.. most excellent was a PBS offbook video on the New Rules of Robots (scroll to 4:15) and educational science website Science Friday featured a track in a story about crafting the fastest ice.

February 2014

Also, if you like smart, funny and well-produced podcasts, check out Dan Kaufman's Myoclonic Jerk. He spends alot of time on each episode, so they're not updated regularly but they are well-worth listening to. Plus, in the latest episode (parental discretion!), you get to hear an exclusive track by Lee.. so that's another reason to listen.

Many thanks to Tom and Doug over at Music Manumit for inviting me to babble on their show about HP and a manner of random things, and also to Allister Thompson for a very nice review of the new Farrago Zabriskie EP!

January 2014

Just in time for the end of the month comes a little EP of remix/mashup/virtual duets. Lee took his music and blended it with the music of Chris Zabriskie, another artist who releases Creative Commons music - and the results are here!

Things are still quietly buzzing along here - written some new songs this week, and in case you missed it we posted our fave Creative-Commons releases of 2013 over at the FMA. And also look for a debut release by Scott Lawlor in the coming weeks...

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