April 2014

We very pleased to release of an album of music selected from fellow Creative Commons musician Le Berger's ITTOTM monthy-music-making soundcloud collective. Once a month a set of sounds is released, and everyone in the group is encouraged to remix and post their creations and Mallumo is a selection of tracks from the first two months of the project.

March 2014

BFW Recordings is celebrating their 5th anniversary this week, and to mark the occasion they asked for submissions for their Album In A Day series. All music was written and completed in one day, March 29 2014, and Lee's track "While The World Sleeps" is on it - release day is March 31, 2014 (there's a video too!). All the details are over at the Album In A Day page!

Perfect music for tax time! Announcing the debut release on Happy Puppy by ambient artist and stillstream host Scott Lawlor - it's our most (and probably only) political ambient protest album entitled 2161866618216.

The webstation Ambient Sleeping Pill has released their second compilation for the month of March, and it includes an exclusive remix of Lee's track "Make A Wish" - available for purchase with proceeds going towards station operating costs.

Lee released a short EP of new songs, but presented them as if they were being heard on a shortwave radio, inspired after spending time at the Shortwaveology website. Available now at Free Music Archive.

Some notable appearances of Lee's music in the last month.. most excellent was a PBS offbook video on the New Rules of Robots (scroll to 4:15) and educational science website Science Friday featured a track in a story about crafting the fastest ice.

February 2014

Also, if you like smart, funny and well-produced podcasts, check out Dan Kaufman's Myoclonic Jerk. He spends alot of time on each episode, so they're not updated regularly but they are well-worth listening to. Plus, in the latest episode (parental discretion!), you get to hear an exclusive track by Lee.. so that's another reason to listen.

Many thanks to Tom and Doug over at Music Manumit for inviting me to babble on their show about HP and a manner of random things, and also to Allister Thompson for a very nice review of the new Farrago Zabriskie EP!

January 2014

Just in time for the end of the month comes a little EP of remix/mashup/virtual duets. Lee took his music and blended it with the music of Chris Zabriskie, another artist who releases Creative Commons music - and the results are here!

Things are still quietly buzzing along here - written some new songs this week, and in case you missed it we posted our fave Creative-Commons releases of 2013 over at the FMA. And also look for a debut release by Scott Lawlor in the coming weeks...

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