Marc Stapleford - Eight Dreams

This is a debut release by Marc on Happy Puppy, brought to our attention by our musical friend Allister (who runs the blog Make Your Own Taste, of which Lee is a guest reviewer).

Marc has been in the business for a while, being a member of the recording and touring band Beautiful 2000 but since the breakup of that band, he's been writing and recording his own material.

This extended EP of eight songs was recorded after a long visit to Kobe, Japan in 2004. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Dreams, 'Eight Dreams' was recorded, played, written, mixed, mastered and produced by Marc Stapleford. It has a delightful mixture of laid-back acoustic and electronic-flavoured textures, with the odd turntable and field recording thrown in.

"Eight dreams dreamt in one night. From young to old. This record is in celebration of human spirit and imagination. Long live us."

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Tracks: (320 kbps/FLAC)

1. good morning shuwa gas mp3 | flac
2. see you in the ashita mp3 | flac
3. scratch n sniff mp3 | flac
4. shiraishiijima mp3 | flac
5. cartography n skateboarding mp3 | flac
6. about you mp3 | flac
7. winter wade near mp3 | flac
8. pet de nonne stomp mp3 | flac

released October 7, 2014