Lee Rosevere - Farrago Zabriskie

Farrago: "noun. a confused mixture. synonyms: hodgepodge, mishmash, ragbag, potpourri, jumble, mess, confusion, mélange, gallimaufry, hash, assortment, miscellany, mixture, conglomeration, medley

Recently, I discovered this video on Youtube that combines my music with the wonderful work of Chris Zabriskie.

For those who are not familiar with him, he is a very active and popular member of the Creative Commons community. He makes all of his music available for free download, and he also made the choice to license it as BY, allowing it to be used for commercial use without permission (he wrote about why in his blogpost).

After watching the video, I opened both our songs in my browser - they both started playing at the same time and I really liked the result. They blended seamlessly together and had a striking, delicate 'virtual interplay'.

So I decided to try mixing my music with Chris's intentionally. And with his permission, I'm pleased to present the results in this EP of remix-mashup-virtual-duets.

When I started working, I made the strict rule that none of the pitches or speeds of the original songs could be changed - that would make the process of 'matching' the songs together a little too easy and kind of cheating.

So, the only allowance of manipulation was simple cutting and pasting, and some minor sound processing (chorus, reverb, etc). The finished songs have some wonderfully odd and beautiful moments and perhaps bring a fresh perspective to the original material.

All songs independently written by Chris Zabriskie (CZ) and Lee Rosevere (LR) unless otherwise noted.

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Artwork: Front

source: "Hot Air Balloon Trip Around the Tiny Planet" by Ben Ashmole (CC BY-NC)

Tracks: (256 kbps)

1. A Misdirection
CZ - Cylinder Five
LR - Illuminations

2. Ciro
CZ - NirvanaVEVO
LR - The Ugly Little Boy

3. Plateau
CZ - Take off and shoot a zero
CZ - Prelude No 2 and Prelude No 10
LR - The Day love came in the mail

4. Farrago
CZ - Cylinder Nine
LR - Plane planet (written by Jeroen Elfferich)

5. Nerves and Veins
CZ - There are many different kinds of love
LR - Vanishing

6. Ely Ivy
CZ - John Stockton Slow Drag
LR - Aphelion


All of Chris Zabriskie's original versions are under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

This release: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

released January 30, 2014