MANOS: The Remix of Fate
Volume 1 - Diestro

Well, here it is! Volume 1 of MANOS: The Remix of Fate!

Back in June I discovered that in addition to the film Manos: The Hands of Fate being remastered in hi-def for DVD and Blu-Ray, the soundtrack to the cult-classic bad film was also released on Bandcamp, and licensed under CC-BY-NC. So the call for remixes was issued, and this compilation is the result.

This has been fantastic to put together, and I couldn't have done it without the generous help of Marc Weidenbaum of and everyone who contributed something from the Junto Soundcloud community, run by Marc.

Also major thanks for support from the fine people at the Free Music Archive for help getting the word out!

Please visit the artists pages and support them however you can. Due to the large number of entries, we've split everything up into two separate volumes - get volume two here!

Cover illustration by mariods (used with permission).

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Tracks: (256-320 kbps)

1. William Boldenweck - Manos/Madness
2. analoc - The Duke
3. Ethan Hein - Manos a Manos
4. Broken Hours - Unconsummated
5. Gumbel - Manos The Hands of Fate (Gumbel's Gloves Mix)
6. Garde Noisemaker - thy will is done
7. Jeff Kocan - mysterious house mystery
8. Masaya Ozaki - A Hidden Innuendo
9. katarrhaktes - the musk of occlusion
10. sozu project - kindness
11. Sgr A* - Does Alexander Graham Bell Know Telephone
12. naotko - sp-1200
13. Matthew Austin - Chocolate bunny guillotine
14. No I'm Spartacus - Dogs of war
15. tuonela - bad manos
16. Gimcrack - The Torgo Show!

released October 22, 2013