Balogh - Rhythms Of Life

We are pleased to welcome Jared Balogh from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Happy Puppy with his debut release, "Rhythms Of Life". It's an experimental/avant-garde jazz album written in notation/electronic sheet music, similar in style to the Synclavier work of Frank Zappa.

As Jared describes it: "The Theme of "Rhythms Of Life" is a perspective of my life over the last year and expresses the dynamics, emotions and experiences of family issues, foreseeing future events, reminiscing of great times, traps and schemes of work/job, asking for a miracle to save a loved ones life, having some one you love deeply pass away, when life is moving in a good rhythm, the patterns of day to day life, and the needing to re-find a cohesive bond in a long term relationship."

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Tracks: (320 kbps)

1. Bridging and Mending
2. Provident Winds
3. Burgundy Eve
4. That Same Old Traps and Schemes
5. An Angel Will Come
6. Lost Without...
7. Profound Groove On The Rise
8. Good Morning Good Evening Good Night
9. Morning Grind Evening Chill
10. Where

released January 10, 2012

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