Lee Rosevere - Music For MOBA

A collection of new compositions by Lee, each piece inspired by a particular painting from the Museum of Bad Art. There are 21 pieces in all, each one named after the artwork it was inspired by.

Click the enter button to visit the virtual gallery tour where you can see the work of art that inspired the composition and listen to it at the same time.


Cover photo by Casey Bisson. Special thanks to Michael Frank, curator of MOBA for permission regarding this project.

Please visit the MOBA website, and support them with a donation or purchase one of their many fine products.

This album is available for free download, and you are free to listen/burn/share/podcast/fold-spindle-mutilate for non-commercial purposes.

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Individual Tracks: (256 kbps)

1. Germ Of An Idea
2. The Horror, The Glory
3. Aurora Borealis
4. Blue Pesto
5. Retch Like An Egyptian
6. On A Windy Day
7. Swamette's Secret
8. Jarez The Clown
9. Eileen
10. Invasion Of The Office Zombies
11. Spewing Rubik's Cubes
12. Aim 2
13. Lucy In The Field With Flowers
14. Bored To Death
15. Circus Of Despair
16. Post Apocalypse
17. Drilling For Eggs
18. Writing My Life's Symphony
19. Dissent From The Pedastal
20. In the Cat's Mouth
21. Winter Monolith

Released December 13, 2009

Creative Commons License