Lee Rosevere - Backtime

This is a new compilation of old tracks recorded by Lee including themes written for radio programs, completed songs and left-over experiments from the past 10 years. A lot of the music is constructed from samples, with additional live instrumentation.

A number of tracks included here were originally composed for use as radio themes, underscores, or for "backtime"; (a term used by in the radio industry as background music that is programmed to finish at a desired time).

Originally, a few tracks had vocals (particular to the show that it was written for) which have been removed in new instrumental mixes, featured here. The entire album is available online for free download.

Download whole album (61 mb) | Stream album 64k VBR

Artwork: front | back


01. Backtime
02. Latin Nightbug
03. The Lab Is Working
04. Revival
05. Get The Chevy
06. Above The City, Under The Stars
07. Phase Of Prisms
08. Do What You Can
09. No Pants Friday
10. Son Of Tegwar | video
11. Soho Joe
12. Bad Money
13. Interlude
14. Transistor
15. Up To No Good
16. Sick At The Bauhaus Show
17. Siftin'
18. Rocks Of Ages
19. You Get What You Pay For
20. I'm Doing Just Fine
21. Universal Heartbeat (instrumental)
22. Thanks For Nothing

release date: April 10, 2006

Creative Commons License