Trip To The Mainland -- Jan 21 - 23, 2005 -- Part 1

First off, Peter and I took the 3pm ferry, annnd this is what happened on day 1.

At the ferries after a bus ride from U-Vic... Waiting in line... How the heck did that thing get attached to me?!
Now that we're on.... Peter really liked watching those guys load the big boxes of uhhh stuff.
Trippy shot.
The ferry is tied down!
Look what I found!
Didn't you read the sign, Peter?!
Crap... Haven't left yet...

Sleeping people!!


First thing we did when we got there was offroading in Lori's jeep! Woot!!

Bumpiness..... YAY!

Lots of puddles!! YAY!
Hmmm, not that dirty yet...
After offroading, we went to Lori's house to eat, hang out, and play pool.
After a few lessons from Peter, Christina was playing like a pro...

Next stop was to the house Kirsten was housesitting at.

That's Jack... He's a crazy little dog...

Eye shot!
What's with McIvor??
Lori sleeping... Or just... sleeping??


Went to Kirsten's house afterwards..

Hah look! it's a bonzai tree!! Don't worry, Peter didn't break anything this time..

Kirsten's barrell hanging out with an old christmas tree... I think it's dying...
Pooping bunny shirt!!
Bogey!! Such an emo shot...