Kincaide With Counting Heartbeats, The Vendors, HRP, And The Burbank Project @ Legends -- Mar 12, 2006

Kincaide's CD release party! It was soooo good! Went with Sarah and had some good times.

Before I met up with Sarah, I picked up some sushi and went up to Mt Tolmie.
Took a few pics...

We got to Legends, and unfortunately, we missed The Burbank Project. So this was HRP. I don't think I really like their stuff because it's not very melodic.

They sounded a little bit like White Stripes except not as good obviously.. I dunno, I still have mixed feelings about them.

Next up was The Vendors... Musically they were great! But the singer was off... I didn't really like him. I liked the screamer though, but you can totally tell he's gonna mess up his voice. They also seem really cocky, and they wouldn't shut up in between songs which got really annoying...

Josh my man!! Counting Heartbeats! You guys rocked the casbah!

They sure have a huge sound. I can't wait till their new CD comes out in May! And you gotta love the Rhodes keyboard... They sure know how to rock out.


One of my fav shots of the night....

Kincaide setting up!!!



I must say, they're more solid compared to the last time I've heard them. I love them even more now! Really driving music especially with that steady double kick drum beat... Jeez, gives me the chills. And I love Steve and his screaming. Gooood stuff.