Road Trip Cross Canada -- May 6 - 25, 2008 -- Part 3

We were able to steal Lori for part of the trip. It was some good times!

You'll probably see a lot of on the road pics because we were on the road for most of the time. We basically just b-lined it to Halifax.
Pater's driving face.
Lori's stuck in the back... It was pretty full.
Yay snow shed tunnel thingers!
Snow and foggy?!
What?! Nice and sunny now? The weather is sure messed up.
Boo Merritt....
Good to know.
We needed to eat, so we stopped at Salmon Arm.
Almost caught a fish.
We're off to Revelstoke now!
What the crap?
Looks really beautiful here.
Only YOU can prevent forest fires!
Revelstoke dam.
Time to fill up on gas.

Does this pic look familiar?

Front page of Globe and Mail?

Tuesday, August 9, 2005 edition??

Next stop... BanFFFFFFF.
Truck accident! The whole left side of the truck was scraped up.
I love the Rockies
We're going really fast! Vroom vroom!
It was snowing?! What the crap?

Almost at Banff! ...... Riiiight

That's a lot of rock to blow up just to make a road going through it.
Yay for tunnels!
"There's the Spiral Tunnels over there!"
Group shot. Hah, Peter looks really awkward in this pic.
I hate it when I get my head stuck.
Don't fall!
Random eye pics.
Back on the road, but this time I'm driving!

Lori's still alive in the back there.


Yay! We're there! Except it's snowing....
Scary stalker killer buffalo
Yeah we're cool
This pub rocked!
Banff = tourist trap!
Back to driving... Next stop... Calgary!
Driving in these conditions for endless hours.... NOT COOL!
Finally reached Calgary

This is the motel we stayed at.

Oh look! How did that bottle of wine get there?

Busting out the wine after a grueling few hours (at least) of driving in the crappy snow... I was going pretty mental.