Road Trip Cross Canada -- May 6 - 25, 2008 -- Part 16

I think today we're going from Madison, Wisconsin to.... Wall, Montana

Messed up slide thinger. Hah
Cool rock formations. At least in the states it's more of an interesting drive.
This is SPARTA!
Yay! The Mississippi
Minnesota! Hmmm... They should have bigger signs than that.
There's a Blue Earth eh?
Who's Ceylon?
No comment.
Wall Drug? Huh?
Another state down! Woop!
Crazy awesome shot.
Wall Drug m entioned in People Magazine?
So random.
Are there gonna be lots more of these signs?
Hahahahaha "Suddenly it's like new!"
Seems like they have everything in Wall Drug! Maybe we should check it out.



Ok seriously, enough with the signs!
I guess we'll find out tomorrow what's so great about this place...