Feb 4, 2007

Got in a pretty bad car accident on January 7th. Some guy coming from the opposite direction decided to turn left.. Right in front of me! Then BAM! I smashed right into the side of his truck. Apparently my young adults pastor knows the guy. Hahah small world... But anyways, after a few weeks, ICBC paid for a rental car. It was a Toyota Yaris. And this day went something like this....

Me hard at work. Peter was there too cause we were going to hang out afterwards.

Not not stealing monitors.
And not not running away with it.
There's my brand new rental CAR! It was a fun car just for cruising around. It was an automatic, so it got a little bit of getting used to. But the car is top-heavy, sooo it doesn't take those sharp corners very well at higher speeds. Hahah I mean.. What?
Talking to my manager.
It's a pretty rad car...
Spacious and lots of compartments.
It was annoying how the speedometer was in the middle.
And the fact that it was an auto.
Compartments everywhere! What the crap??
Even on the driver's side?!
"Weirded out!"
Now I can safely talk on the phone and drive at the same time. Hahaha
We went to Mollie's place to cook up some steaks and veggies. It was a fine dinner for sure!