Gordon Kaltenhauser - BIO
Welcome to my little corner of the Internet cyber-world!

On this site you'll find several pages including my professional resume,
letters of reference, and a sample page of some of my personal photography,
as well as a Photoshop examples page.

I was born January 24th, 1959 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
They tell me it's cold there in the winter, but the only recollections
I have of Winnipeg is a few fond memories of my grandfather's
barber shop on Main Street, and Christmas dinner at Grandma's house.

My parents moved to Kelowna, BC when I was 5, and I've pretty much
been  a Kelowna native ever since.

The Early Years

My first venture in to the working world was at a tender 8 years old.  I'd sell "extras" of The
Kelowna Daily Courier to tourists on the local beaches.  It was my first taste of the "business
world" as I'd have to buy the newspapers first, and then re-sell them.

At about 12 years of age, I graduated to having my own paper route.  It furthered my education in
business, as I'd be invoiced bi-weekly for the papers, and did my customer collections every 2nd

At age 15 my first summer job was as a brick-layers helper. I'd love to say I had fond memories of
it...but it was hot, dirty, dusty hard work, and the heat was almost unbearable for the time the
chimney was extended through the attic. But I toughed it out, and showed up every day for work.

The Automotive Journey

After graduating High School in 1977, the car bug bit, and I entered a 4 year automotive
mechanic's apprenticeship program at Jacobsen Pontiac Buick.  My past interest in all things
mechanical or electrical (think: teen-age McGyver!) led me to becoming an automotive electrical
and wiring specialist.

A winter lay-off saw me unemployed for the first time in my life in 1982. If memory serves me
correctly, I believe I've collected a total of 3 Unemployment Insurance payments in my lifetime.

I managed to regain employment in the Spring of 1983 with Feeny Brothers Automotive, where I
remained to hone my craft for the next 10 years.  It was with that employer where I was given the
opportunity to be exposed to all aspects of the automotive repair industry, including customer
service and sales. It was also where I received my first
"award" of sorts - a plaque commemorating 5 years of
service without a single days' absence. I remained with
Feeny Brothers Automotive until the Spring of 1991, at
which time I transitioned from being an employee to
starting and running my own business - VisionQuest
Canada Productions.

(I'd have made a full 10 years without any absences,
but was sent home for 2 days due to a bad bout of the
flu.  They spoil
ed my perfect attendance!)

The VisionQuest Years

I started VisionQuest Canada Productions in 1991, incorporating in 1994
In my 20+ years of video and multi-media production, I have gained an incredible amount of
knowledge, experiences and the opportunity to work with and for a lot of interesting clientelle.  I
have produced videos for local, national and international clients. Productions have ranged from
simple 30 second commercials to corporate productions and 30 minute television info-mercials.
Every project was different, and allowed me to gain knowledge in a vast sampling of businesses. I
have also provided ENG (Electronic News Gathering) services for CHBC-TV, (Kelowna)  
CFJC-TV7, (Kamloops) VTV Vancouver, (Now CTV) BCTV-Vancouver, (Now GLOBAL) as well
as CBC and The National.  My 20 year career in Television and video production has given me a
hands-on learning experience in all aspects of production, from the initial client meeting and sale,
to scripting, story-boarding, on-location filming, multi-camera live production, graphics creation
both for video, multi-media and print, to final post-production and editing.

One of my highlights was breaking
the story  of the 2003 Okanagan
Mountain Park Fire to CTV Vancouver,
and subsequent follow-up assignments.

It's been an incredible fun-filled and educational journey, but it's time to move on!
Why hire Gordon Kaltenhauser?

Briefly, and because...I am your BEST candidate!
My 30+ years in the working world (40+ if you count childhood jobs) has given me skills,
knowledge, experience and expertise in a wide area of business and employment.
I have a "Can-Do" attitude, and a STRONG work ethic.
( I blame my up-bringing and parents for that!)

Licenced Automotive Mechanic - Inter-Provincial Ticket
Automotive/Truck/RV - Wiring and Electrical specialist
Strong Computer skills - Full MS Office Suite, MAC & PC Operating Systems
Excellent command of Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw & Corel Photopaint
Graphic design for video, multi-media and print applications
Excellent command of the English language, spelling and grammar
Strong analytical and math skills
Business savvy
Personal growth courses
"Management Skills for Supervisors" program, OK College, February 2012
Project Management course, OK College, February 2012
Award-winning video producer
Reliable, dependable
STRONG work ethic
EXCELLENT customer service skills
1891 Marshall Street
Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2B8
TEL: (778) 478-0787
EMAIL: vquest@shaw.ca