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Online Builder's Manual

This section is under development but I've included a sample so you can see what is in the works. The idea is to have 3D images that you can view and manipulate in real time. You can zoom in and out move parts and see the associated information. This will be a combination of online plans and a builders manual.

The company that produces the software contacted me and asked if I would like to let them build some webpages of the Gnat using their software. Evidently according to the company president I was the first person who had tried to do this and they were thinking about how it could be done themselves. Since they have a few people who can work on this and they know how to make it work the best it should be interesting to say the least to see the results. When this happens the resulting pages will be access through this page. In the mean time I've put a link to my original sample page.

The sample page shows a typical bulkhead used in the Gnat. You can clearly see the modular design of it. If you take the time to play with it you can zoom right into and of the parts as well as being able to rotate any of them or the entire bulkhead. On the lower left corner you can see the information associated with each part of the bulkhead change as you click on each part.

If you want to look at the sample pages you need to be aware of a few things. First the plugin only works with Internet Explorer and then only with versions 4.5, 5, 5.5 and 6. The second thing is the plugin is roughly 300K in size. If you are not on a cable or DSL modem it will take a few minutes for this to download and in the meantime you will get a error if you try to do anything. When I had put this page up originally to test it out there were a few people who tried it on 28.8 modems. If they were patient enough and had the right version of IE it worked fine after downloading. Once you successfully download the plugin and view this page you can come back and it will then load like any other webpage. The plugin should stay on your computer unless you clean it out. So when the on-line plans/manual are here you can look at them without having to repeat the process.

click here to see demo page