On Patrol With a Canadian Street Cop

True Crime - Police Stories by Gary Cameron

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Welcome to the Shots Fired web site.

There's a brief overview of my book here, as well as excerpts from several book reviews.  You can read Chapter One by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom of the page. If you'd like to buy a copy of Shots Fired, you can order it through any Canadian bookstore or by clicking on an icon beside one of the online bookstores listed below. Thanks for dropping by!



When you see a police car speeding by with its emergency lights and siren on, are you curious about where it’s headed? Shots Fired takes you along for the ride as a 12-year veteran of the Vancouver Police Department describes some of his most interesting calls.

Join a high-speed pursuit of two armed robbers through rush hour traffic as they shoot at every police officer they see. Watch what happens when the author and his partner discover they are being targeted by a mentally-disturbed sniper armed with a high-powered rifle. Witness the confrontation as police arrest two brutal thugs leaving a hotel room where they have just bludgeoned and strangled a transvestite prostitute. Experience the chaos and danger as the author is stalked, then stabbed during the arrest of a deranged assault suspect. Learn the true story of what happens behind the scenes after a police officer must use deadly force to save his own life.

Every call the police handle is unique. These stories will help you understand what it’s like to work the high-crime areas of Vancouver as a street cop. Shots Fired allows you access to a frightening world most people never experience. This is a story that could only be told by someone who has been there.



          BOOK REVIEWS:

  • "For anyone who wants to know what it’s really like, get this book. You’ll feel the exhilaration of a chase, smell the stench of a murder, feel the frustration of fighting an archaic justice system…" Reviewed by Leo Knight in his 09 February 1998 column in the North Shore News at:
  • "Written with the blunt honesty of a veteran police officer, Shots Fired is a believable collection of anecdotes written from the real-life encounters of one man. Based on his personal experiences, Gary Cameron has produced a book which will grip the attention of police officers and civilians alike." Reviewed by Kerry Ramsey in the RCMP Quarterly, Winter 1998
  • "Gary Cameron’s crisp account of his life as a Vancouver policeman in the 1970’s and 1980’s amply delivers on the promise implicit in his book title. He convincingly catalogues incidents that range from grubby and amusing to downright horrifying…" Reviewed by Virginia Byfield in Alberta Report, 11 August 1997
  • "Once you start, you won’t want to put it down because, like an officer on the street, you never know what’s going to happen next. This is a book that will be enjoyed equally by police officers and civilians curious about what it’s like to be a cop." Reviewed by Bill Clede on his police web site:
  • "…sheds bright light on how police officers think, act and react." Reviewed by Tom Zillich in the Westender, 08 May 1997



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