Mainframe Halloween 2002

Pumpkin Carving Contest

First, the pumpkins. This year's theme was Movies, again with a random draw. As always, we had an hour from start to finish.

DSC00042.JPG (95132 bytes)

These poor buggers drew Ronin and tied for third place.

DSC00041.JPG (80387 bytes)

Speed also tied for third. Personally, this was my favouite. The bus is actually suspended from the ceiling.

DSC00040.JPG (93949 bytes)

The Iron Giant won second place. It was better when the eyes were lit up.

DSC00039.JPG (87408 bytes)

And, finally, Software's winning pumpkin, Aliens. Damn, did we get lucky with the draw or what?

DSC00038.JPG (88076 bytes)

Here's a closeup of our cute little chest burster.

Space Decoration

Well, there was no contest for decorations this year, but I managed to convince everyone to do a little decoration anyway. The suitably geeky theme? Wireframe!

DSC00044.JPG (78159 bytes)

The sign on the door (Ooo! Spooky date and time!).

DSC00045.JPG (79227 bytes)

Most of the decorating was done with paint on masking tape or flourescent tape.

DSC00056.JPG (78835 bytes)

DSC00046.JPG (89994 bytes)

The skeleton makes a reappearance.

DSC00047.JPG (85500 bytes)

Primitive spheres.

DSC00048.JPG (92700 bytes)

The sacrificial phone (Mr. Elsdon was not pleased that it was actually painted...).

DSC00053.JPG (80023 bytes)

DSC00055.JPG (92590 bytes)

I was pretty anal about this desk lamp, wasn't I?

DSC00058.JPG (82163 bytes)

DSC00049.JPG (81250 bytes)

Our Poem on the white board.

DSC00054.JPG (81808 bytes)

The Software

Once upon a deadline dreary, while I keyframed, weak and weary,
Motions of some quaint and curious characters of pop culture lore -
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a sad "ping!"
As a warning of a bad thing - bad thing that was soon in store.
"'Tis some minor glitch," I muttered, "only this and nothing more."
Quoth the software, "Dumping core."

Through the night I kept on tweaking, points and weights until repeating
Each and every operation on the envelope I swore
Would take a lifetime, for you see, never had the likes of me,
Toiled away so expertly, with skill I hadn't felt before
And when I tried to save perfection, which I hadn't saved before,
Quoth the software, "Dumping core."

My conceit it was evolving to frustration at not solving
This dilemma my perfection seemed unable to explore.
Surely I would be triumphant o'er this problem running rampant;
I could not envision failure knocking at this artist's door.
Perhaps I was just imag'ning this response my software bore;
Surely mine would not dump core.

As I sat there gently cursing, in my tired mind rehearsing
How to spill this machine's lifeblood out upon the floor,
While I plotted nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of someone gently rapping - rapping at my Avid door.
"'Tis the cleaning staff," I muttered, "tapping at my Avid door -
Only this and nothing more."

"Enter," muttered I with sadness, "cleanse the Avid of this madness,
This infernal software crashing is the fate I most abhor,
You, with cleaning products dumping, and that Windex bottle pumping,
Might be able to wash clean the awful mem'ry of this core."
But as I rose from my position, turned and opened wide the door,
Darkness there, and nothing more.

Deep into the hallway peering, long I stood there, ranting, reeling,
Calling for those cleaning products in the Avid to outpour,
But there was noone to assist me, and as darkness did resist me
I gathered strength, spoke to myself: "I must this mystery explore
Surely now my scene will save like so many times before."
Quoth the software, "Dumping core."

As I shouted incantations brought about by my frustrations
At the loss of wonders to some viewers on a distant shore
I implored the software, "Why, ev'ry single time I try
Simple operations I don't get results I got before?
And will I ever get to see the world that waits outside my door?"
Quoth the software, "Nevermore."



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