• Geographical software and databases.
  • Geomatics tools and applications.


  • Developing geomatics software, e.g., CoGocoordinate geometry tools and web-based forest GIS.
  • Writing and editing technical documents.
  • Designing geographic and other databases.
  • Marketing companies and products via the web.
  • Teaching surveying, cartography and GIS principles.


  • Design, code, test, document, market and support top-quality geospatial software and database applications.
  • Join a diverse and agile team of software engineers, database administrators, web builders and application specialists.


GIS Technologist

LandSure Systems, Vancouver, BC

Jun 2014–Nov 2014
  • Reviewed the design for ParcelMap BC [] technology solution to ensure contractor's solution met business requirements.
  • Worked collaboratively with MDA [], the ParcelMap BC build contractor, to ensure that the solution was fit for business.
  • Educated staff and build contractor on GIS concepts via a series of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Organized meetings via Outlook and GotoMeeting.
  • Authoring and reviewing system design documents on SharePoint.

Software Developer

GaiaStudio Software, Richmond, BC

Jan 2013–Apr 2014
  • Designed and built GaiaStudio [], a cloud-based forest modelling and visualization tool.
  • Analyzed BC's Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI) forestry database.
  • Developed and maintained the data dictionary.
  • Used BC's Variable Density Yield Prediction (VDYP) software to model forest growth.
  • Applied PostGIS (a geographic PostgreSQL) database server and Google Earth API technology.
  • Coded in PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, jPlot, HTML, KML, SQL and CSS.
  • Conducted multiple ETL (extract, transform and load) operations on spatial data using combinations of GDAL-OGR (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library, an open source alternative to Safe FME) and my own tools.
  • Wrote the web pages [] and user manual [].
  • Managed projects and tasks using Trello (a web-based project and task manager).
  • Controlled code versions using TortoiseSVN.

Software Developer

Softree Technical Systems, North Van., BC  

Apr–May 2012
  • Helped add LiDAR file reader and custom control to road design software.
  • Used Visual C++, LAStools and MFC for same.
  • Researched and set up new web seminar (MeetingBurner) procedures.

Software Developer

Underhill Geomatics, Burnaby, BC  

Sep 2003–Feb 2012
  • Designed, implemented, tested and maintained multiple editions of Windows Copan []CoGo (coordinate geometry) software. Copan's functionality and ease-of-use helped staff become highly productive.
  • Implemented Copan using Visual C/C++, Win32 API, ODA Teigha (software for CAD file processing) and Inno Setup.
  • Wrote three versions of Copan user manual [e.g.,](ugl, pro, lite) from single source.
  • Created manuals and newsletters using PPWizard (a good author-side preprocessor), HTML and CSS.
  • Trained and supported staff on Copan at three branches, listening enthusiastically for users' needs.
  • Marketed and supported Copan.
  • Grew registered user base of land surveyors and civil engineers from zero to 9000, world-wide.
  • Created Portable Application Descriptions (PADs).
  • Promoted Copan on web directories and forums. [Search for "copan" at]
  • Managed database of Copan users using MySQL and PHP.
  • Searched for candidate technology for developing multi-platform or web-based versions of Copan.
  • Decided on and began learning Python for same.
  • Designed, implemented, tested and supported PJC – a database system for several thousand survey plans, jobs and clients. PJC dramatically reduced staff time spent searching for plans and producing job labels and work orders.
  • Implemented PJC using Visual Basic and Access.
  • Helped design and test I-PJC [], a web-based version of PJC.
  • Supervised implementation of I-PJC.
  • Edited and maintained company database and web site [] of showcase projects, services and software.
  • Used MySQL, PHP, HTML and CSS for same.
  • Marketed the web site, boosting the PageRank of most pages from zero to 3 or 4.

GIS Instructor

Various institutions/locations, BC



PhD in Geography

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC  


MSc in Geomatics Engineering

University of Calgary, Alberta  


BSc in Surveying & Mapping

University of East London, England  


Dipl (2/3 complete) in Computer Science

Langara College, Vancouver, BC  




  • Programming in Visual C and Win32 API.
  • Writing and editing technical documents using Word.
  • Marketing software via PADs.
  • Refactoring code.
  • Delivering technical presentations via PowerPoint.
  • Processing and analyzing data with Excel.
  • Detecting and correcting errors/inconsistencies.
  • Building software installers with Inno Setup (a good installer utility).
  • Grouping, classifying and relating things and concepts.
  • Designing and implementing graphical user interfaces.
  • Developing applications via Visual Basic and Access.
  • Creating web pages with HTML and CSS.


  • Managing geographic databases with PostGIS.
  • Systems analysis and design using DFDs and ERDs.
  • Managing relational databases with MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Managing projects and tasks using Trello (a web-based project and task manager).
  • Controlling code versions using TortoiseSVN.
  • Diagramming with paint and draw software.
  • Organizing web-seminars and meetings.
  • Creating and sharing documents on Google Docs.
  • Programming in PHP and JavaScript.
  • Programming in C++ with MFC.
  • Unit and integration testing.
  • Procedural and data abstraction.
  • GIS development with Esri ArcView.
  • Using GDAL-OGR tools.
  • Unix/Linux shell scripting.
  • Cartographic design.


  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Software as a service (SaaS).
  • Software development life cycles.
  • Apache web server.
  • Geodesy and map projections.
  • Positioning and navigation.
  • Python and Scheme coding.
  • Forestry industry.
  • Land registration and legal descriptions.
  • Spatial reference systems.
  • STL, ODA Teigha (software for CAD file processing) and LAStools.
  • Remote sensing and image processing.
  • GIS application domains.


I work with Martin on the development of a prototype for GaiaStudio Software. He is a quick learner of new technologies, rapidly following the project's complicated architecture, and works independently while innovating and providing proactive suggestions to our team. There are employees that need to be managed and there are those that help managers push projects forward. I always feel comfortable relying on Martin to push the team forward.

Michael Gerzon, Project Manager, GaiaStudio Software.

Martin is a highly capable individual, with a broad background in geomatics, software development, database management, web development, SEO, and education. This gives him a unique perspective in project and office process optimization. There is little in these fields that Martin does not excel at.

Chris Cryderman, Partner, UGL.

The [Copan] program is very effective and user friendly. I had been using another product for years but your program is more intuitive and user friendly. I was able to start using Copan without even reading the instructions. You answered my e-mail inquiry immediately and your competitors have never written back.

Rick Jones, Surveyor, Land Reports Co, West Hills, CA, USA