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larger picture of Wig in the Ardennes

Wig Graves

Games I worked on:

My interest in wargame design began with The Gamers where I worked on Hunters from the Sky, Grossdeutschland '40, and Grossdeutschland '41.

I got involved with John Tiller during the development of the Panzer Campaigns Series where I co-authored the second Panzer Campaign title, Normandy '44 with Jim Dunnam.

After Normandy, I provided detailed Order of Battle research for the Kharkov '42 and assisted with the layout of the main Campaign Game scenario for that title, and created the Tobruk '41 game.

Click on the thumb nail photo in the top right for a larger picture, showing me in a place where I'd like to a game someday!

Day Job:

Manager of Propulsion, Ordnance, and Batteries
Raytheon Missile Systems, based in Tucsan, Arizona

Other Interests:

Miniatures, me? Yes they are my first gaming love. Periods include: Ancients, Samurai, Napoleonics, Napoleonic Naval, American Civil War, WWI Naval, WWII.

I am Married, with two boys ages 11 and 15.

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