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What are Panzer Campaigns? (PzC)

by Glenn Saunders

Panzer Campaigns are a series of games developed by John Tiller and published by HPS Simulations. The games capture the details of selected World War II battles. In these operational-level wargames, players deal with command and logistics. The solid game system provides details enough for serious wargamers and elegant simplicity for mainstream gamers.

Panzer Campaigns - sample map

The games are turn based and played on a map with a hexagon grid superimposed over it. The map scale is 1 km per hex. Each turn represents 2 hours of daylight (or 4 hours at night). Each game focuses on the Title Campaign, but is divided into a number of variable size and length battles or scenarios. The Campaign scenario is played on the full map and covers several days (and hundreds of turns). There are also many smaller and variable size and length scenarios included with each game.

Unit scale will vary from title to title, but is mainly Battalion and Company level units. You can play either side in each scenario and can play vs. the Artificial Intelligence (AI) or against another Human opponent in either live play or Play-by-email (PBEM).

Each Panzer Campaign is researched in detail. The map is created using a World War II period map scanned and scaled into the PC and then hand drawn, one hexagon at a time to give us the very best detail possible. For the Order-of-Battle (OOB) we use of not only normal publications, but also the microfilm archive in Maryland where captured German records are available.

The Series features a Scenario and an OOB Editor so you can build your own battles within the confines of the map provided with the game. The game has an incredible number of options and flexibility built into it so you are free to change just about any parameter used if you happen to disagree with the designers.

The game offers tons of entertainment and caters to players who like big and small scenarios, play vs. the AI or another human. If you are new to wargaming or an old hand, I urge you to try one of the Panzer Campaigns.

If you do not own a Panzer Campaigns game, did you find this information useful?


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