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John Tiller on Panzer Campaigns Improvements

Below is a repeat of a Newsgroup Post by written by John Tiller himself on 4 Nov. More details will follow regarding the newly annonuce Panzer Campaign #5 game.

Panzer Campaigns 5, currently unannounced, mastered on Friday (2 Nov) and so it seemed to be a good time to look at what has been accomplished.

Below, I have listed 32 new features that have been added to the game engine since the first PzC game. Actually, if you notice, I have listed 40 new features as my way of offering a small challenge to the group. 8 of these features I have listed are actually new features for PzC 5 and so if you care to do so, you might try to determine these among the other features. If you can do so, then you will have some clues as to the setting for PzC 5, but all you can do is guess, there will be no official announcement until HPS has CD's in house, something I hope will happen in a few weeks, but given the recent disruption to duplication, I have 3 games now in duplication and there is a bit of backlog that needs to be worked out.

I hope you will appreciate how each game in the series has made possible improvements to the game engine and so the series is propelled along much as a multi-cylinder car engine would be, with each game providing the momentum necessary for the next cylinder to fire and so forth. No one game could justify the amount of work that has one into the aggregate, and so I hope that you appreciate that the series approach here makes it all possible. As long as the games do well, and by the way Tobruk had the best first-month performance of any of the PzC games, then that will allow my team and I to continue to build on the concept.

Thanks for your support.

Here is the list of 32 previous new features and the 8 "easter eggs" if you care to look for them:

1. Added Supply Variation capability.
2. Added Stockpiling feature for artillery.
3. Added Heavy Bomber unit type and Carpet Bombing feature.
4. Added Deception Unit feature.
5. Added Rail Unit movement class.
6. Added Corps Attachement feature.
7. Added Air Availability feature.
8. Added Single Use attribute.
9. Added ZOC Movement Modifier.
10. Added Programmed Weather feature.
11. Added Facing State for units.
12. Many additional hot keys.
13. Added Reachable Hex feature.
14. Added Auto Multi-Fire feature.
15. Added additional hex shading and unit highlighting features.
16. Added Optional Night Fatigue feature.
17. Added Optional Artillery Setup feature.
18. Additional toobar buttons.
19. Added Optional Recon Spotting rule.
20. Added Engineer ferrying ability.
21. Added Hex Fire Limitation feature.
22. Added Low Fuel feature.
23. Added Low Visibility Air Availability feature.
24. Added Submap feature.
25. Added A/I Order capability.
26. Added time of day indicator to status bar.
27. Added Impassible hex feature.
28. Added Indirect Fire modifier.
29. Added Engineer A/I Orders.
30. Additional File Selection features such as Delete button and number of turns.
31. Added Combined Organization Penalty.
32. Added Air Interception feature.
33. Added Optional Virtual Supply Truck feature.
34. Added Obstacle hexes.
35. Added Quality modifier for Engineer bridge building.
36. Added 3D Counter option.
37. Added Explicit Supply feature.
38. Added "On Foot" state for mechanized/motorized units.
39. Added Vehicle Breakdown feature.
40. Added Optional Surrender Rule.
End of List

John Tiller

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