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The Latest Incarnation

Welcome to yet another version of my Web Site -- serving up semiuseless pages since 1996. I am (still) playing with a very nice Web site editor called City Desk. As it becomes more popular, more add-on tools have become available, including some sample templates to make more spiffy-looking sites. The maker of City Desk, Fog Creek Software, is no longer updating their product but it still continues to work well for me.

How To Contact Me

My e-mail address is . I'm quite busy most of the time, but so far I've always answered e-mails eventually—though it may take me a while.

By the way, you may have noticed that I now have 'real' e-mail links on my site. That's thanks to a tool called Obfuscate Mailto that helps hide such links away from the spammers' e-mail-address-grabbing bots.

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