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Abalone Collection Healing Properties of Gemstones


ABALONE: Helpful to build and protect the heart muscle and aid in digestion. Works well with other crystals. Counter balances overly dynamic energies.

AGATE: Competition Eloquence Fevers, Gums, Circulation Aids competitors in all sporting events, particularly athletes. Also assists eloquence and writing.Steady and reliable. Promotes grace, happiness, intelligence, longevity, truth and aides remembering. Agates are grounding and gentle. They are protection stones. They give strength, victory and attunement with the earth. They sharpen sight, illuminate minds and assist in discovery. They protect children from falling.AGATE (Moss): Improves circulation in blood and lymphatic systems. Helps digestions and elimination. Harmony and green inclusions link to nature for the subconscious. (Activates 4th chakra)BANDED AGATES: Strong protectors, reinforcing your strength and providing protection if you are very sensitive. Helps one who needs extra courage or energy to face stress.
Guards against physical dangers.LACE AGATES: Aid attitudes - ease depression and despair. Their energy is circular and flowing. Lace agates do not protect, they encourage and support. Let them bring out your inner beauty.
AGATE BLUELACE Composure Growth Infections, Inflammations, Fevers A stone bestowing calmness on the wearer, removing anger and irritation in its presence
AGATE BOTSWANA Understanding Recovery Toxins, Recuperation, Heart
AGATE DENDRITIC Energy Balance Recuperation, Vitality
AGATE GREYLACE Energy Balance Recuperation, Vitality
AGATE MOSS Renewal Assertiveness Heart, Lungs, Skin
AGATE TREE Co-ordination Management Chest/stomach

AMAZONITE: To help with writing and speeches. Enhances communication concerning love. Increases self-worth. Helps to treat disorders of the nervous system and dissipate energy blockages.  Strengthens heart and physical body. Soothes all charkas especially heart and throat. Helps with metabolism and growth. Improves thought processes. Balances energy. Centres. Gives stamina, faith and compassion. Helps with calcium deficiency. 

AMBER: To lift the heaviness of burdens & allow happiness. Good for: bladder trouble, bone marrow, convulsions, earaches, intestinal disorders, nervous system, rheumatism, throat infections, memory loss, anxiety, inability to make decisions, thyroid, inner ear, neuro tissue strengthener, altruism, sore throats, swollen glands, fever, mental clarity, balances moods, confidence. Detoxes from radiation. Purifies body mind & spirit.

AMETHYST: Assists with stopping addictions, alcoholism, is calming, & provides protection from plagues. Assists with meditation & psychic awareness. Wear when asleep or awake to reduce anger, impatience and nightmares. Helps with headaches, eyes, scalp/hair, pituitary, pineal, & blood sugar balance.

AMETRINE (mix of amethyst & citrine quartz): Helps balance male/female aspects. Repairs DNA/RNA, accepting physical change. Sooths and calms emotions, helps one stay rational under pressure. Amethyst (purple) helps you visualize and the Citrine (gold) helps to manifest your vision into the physical. Disperses negativity from the aura and fills the voids with energizing and stabilizing qualities of pure light energy. Penetrates and facilitates the release of blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and auric bodies, allowing for the release of tension and initiates proper functioning. Is useful for stimulating oxygenation of the body. Also used to help one to both recognize and accept changes to the body - e.g. during periods of growth from childhood through physical maturation and when one is provided with artificial organs, implants etc. Stimulates intellect. In meditation, helps bring peace, & cooperation.

APATITE: This mineral can be used to stimulate the intellect and to promote realization that ones’ strength occurs through both spiritual avenues and love. Hence it dissolves aloofness and negativity. The stone is attuned to healing, storing information, communicating, balancing energy and teaching. It can help to eliminate over activity, under activity, blockage or congestion from the chakras.  It can be used to stimulate the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Helps with deeper states of meditation, self-insight, inner clarity, peace and oneness with the higher self. It is a stone of the future and will bring knowledge to those attuned to it by clearing mental confusion. Good for communication & misunderstandings. It is also helpful for fighting viruses. 

ARAGONITE: helpful in removing stress & anger. Improves patience, practicality and responsibility. Brings balance and empowerment to the turbulent emotions of youth & channels energies effectively. Strengthens immune system, helps with back problems. Aids in digestion & skin problems. Increases energy, especially of prayers, Increases self-confidence, self-worth. Helps with chronic fatigue.  (3rd Chakra)

AVENTURINE: Dispels pain and fear. Gives love prosperity and heals the emotions. Helps with migraines, tension and insomnia. Helps development of mental abilities. Stimulates healthy growth. Helpful with competition to enhance judgment and calmness during games. Balances male/female energies. Enhances creativity, decisiveness, and leadership qualities. For treating lungs, heart, adrenal glands and muscular system.

BLUE LACE AGATE: Good for: inflammation strengthens the skeletal structure. Helps with tension headaches.  A de-stressor. It is useful for mending breaks & fractures. Helps to remove blockages from the nervous system & capillaries. To treat disorders of pancreas & glands associated with digestion. Increases awareness. Good for anger, eloquence. Assists one to reach high spiritual spaces & inner attunement

QUARTZ, BLUE: helps speak what is on ones’ mind. Releases introversion & fear. Enables one to reach out to others & stimulates relationships. For spleen, endocrine system & blood. Encourages consideration & thoughtfulness. (5th and 6th chakras.)

BLUE TOPAZ: Inspires leadership ability, psychic knowing and spiritual growth. For tranquility and psychic insight.

CALCITE: energy and thought is amplified. Aids kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Balances male/Female polarities. Alleviates fear, reduces stress, an emotional balancer, grounds excess energy. White: Improves memory and augments astral travel. Honey: Stimulates kidneys to remove body toxins and assists with action. Green: Joy, clears the body of infection and provides a barrier to diminish the effect of disease producing microorganisms 

BLUE CALCITE: Cleanses colon and liver as an elixir. Also can be worn as a support when treating those areas. Calms and is effective as a sedative after emotional trauma.

MANGANO CALCITE: very hard to find. For love, understanding, sickness, & fevers. 

CARNELIAN: Is grounding, stimulates curiosity & initiative; focuses attention to the present moment. Aids with absent-mindedness, arthritis, convulsions, creativity, impotence, infertility, menstruation, wounds, and neuralgia, clear thought, strengthens voice,  & is a mental- cleanser. Helps with: confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness, outgoingness, precision, analysis, awareness of feelings.  Warms and cleanses blood, & kidneys. Stimulates appetite, emotions, passion, sexuality, & physical energy. For celebration, reproductive system, kidneys, gall bladder pancreas.  Allergies, anger, speech problems, blood problems--protection from envious persons

CHALCEDONY: Helps overcome jealousy, despair. Brings love and comfort. Dispels anger. Balances ego, supports fidelity. Promotes awareness, psychic vision. Beneficial for businesses. Promotes good health. Relieves nervousness.

CHERRY QUARTZ: Cherry Quartz is a healer for emotional wounds, dissipates anger & tension.

CHRYSOPRASE: Spiritual protection. Good to use when working with large groups of people or if working in management.  Helps gain insight for resolution of personal problems. Balances neurotic patterns. Healing for physical/emotional/&mental.  Increases action in selflessness & love. Brings out inner talent & joy. (works on 4th & 5th Chakras)

CITRINE: For upliftment. Citrine encourages the yellow ray to support the body. This stone helps to process energy work. For abundance, improves blood circulation, creativity, diabetes, and digestive system. Helps with direction in life, knowledge of self, happiness, and joy. It is a dream inducer. To detoxify the body (spleen, kidneys, liver, urinary system, & intestines.), Increases awareness and control of mind & emotions. Good for problem solving, memory, willpower, optimism, self-discipline. Reduces anxiety, fear, depression, stomach tension, food disorders & allergies.

CLEAR QUARTZ: A medium for meditation, & communication with all levels of spirit life. Helps with mental clarity. Increases body's natural healing abilities, removes aches and pains. Caution: doubles energy (+ or -). Do not wear for PMS.

COPPER: improves metabolism, reduces inflammation, increases blood flow. Helps with arthritis. Releases resentment, anger. Good for luck.

CORAL: Coral protects and strengthens one's emotional foundation. Energizes emotions. Good for: anemia, bladder troubles, whooping cough, blood circulation, fertility, muscles, blood, heart, reproductive system, thyroid metabolism, spine bone & tissue regeneration (avoid if you have high blood pressure, fever or are anxious.)

FLOURITE: Balances mental energies. Good for meditation, increases life forces. Clears the mind of stress, & relieves negative forces. Helps concentration (good for the workplace). Provides psychic protection, (also on astral projections). Purifies the spirit & places. Helps with teeth, bones, lungs, spleen, anxiety, and insomnia.

 GARNET (RED): For detoxing and Strengthening blood. Helps: kidneys, muscles, & gallstones. Inspires physical love, commitment, & enhances passion.  Helps with anemia and astral projection. Balances hormones. Avoid if excess anger, impatience, high blood pressure or inflammation.Orange energy of commitment. Helps one to dedicate time to what needs attention.Purple ease anxiety brought on by worry.

GREEN FLOURITE: A hormone balancer.

GREEN GARNET: Bring peace & pureness of thought, clear mental capacity and creativity. Aids in meditation and focus.

HEMATITE: Has a photographic memory. Helps with pain, high blood pressure, blood problems (circulation, menstrual cramps), inflammation, fever, and depression. Healers use to improve memory, focus the intellect, and dissolve negativity. To balance the yin/yang energies.

HONEY JADE (or yellow): An emotional balancer, radiates unconditional love. Dispels negativity from the 3rd chakra (solar plexus). Some have used to access spiritual worlds. For patience & serenity. Aids meditation and visualization, and helps overcome ego, selfishness, and greed. It stimulates and heals the mental body, and heightens awareness and compassion. Yellow Jade also fosters respect for the body, promotes a peaceful mind, and soothes the digestive and urinary systems.

HOWLITE: Good for: anxiety, creativity, digestion, frustration, memory, anger, bladder trouble, bones & teeth (calcium). Absorbs and uplifts stress, tension, anxiety & emotional intensity. Brings gentleness, & patience.

IOLITE: Opens a light pathway from throat to crown. For truth, simplicity, imagery, peace. Living at higher awareness level. Alcohol/addiction detoxification, & sobriety.

JADE: For relaxation, reduces tension in life. Creates calmness, confidence, & fidelity. Good for: bladder trouble, eyes, kidneys, lungs heart, thymus, immune system, kidney and blood detoxification, nervous system, wisdom, loneliness, dream recall, courage, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love fidelity, humility, generosity, peace harmony, wealth & longevity. Strengthens body. Protects children from danger, projects universal love. 

JASPER: stimulates smell, general healing, tissue regeneration & the immune system. Helps with bladder trouble & blood disease. Aids with creativity, & digestion. Helps a troubled mind & nervous system, keeping a steady pulse. Brings protection.

Fancy Jasper For Consolation, Bravery, heart & nervousness

Landscape Jasper or “picture jasper”: useful for retrieving hidden messages form the past. A stone of harmony and proportion. For creativity and understanding of other cultures, business pursuits and activities leading to increase are affected. To bring hidden thoughts, grievances, hopes and fears to the surface. It stimulates proper functioning of the immune system and treats disorders of the kidneys and skin.

Leopard skin Jasper for Safety, focus, glands & eyes

Brown Jasper is for grounding

Green Jasper for overall healing when worn or held in hands

Red Jasper used for bronchial problems

Yellow Jasper Stimulates heart area

JET (fossilized wood): Helps with fever. Absorbs negative energy that causes illness. Aids with creativity & eyes, dispels fear. Protects from violence. Enhances financial stability in pursuit of business Assists with feminine disorders, teeth, stomach pain, glandular swelling, hair loss, & alignment of lower spine. It is calming and decreases depression. Use as a treatment for headaches, epilepsy, glandular & lymphatic swelling, stomach pains & colds.

KYANITE: Kyanite will help you understand lessons in life and to learn from your teachers. Aids in creative expressions Strengthens the truth makes one more reliable. It brings serenity. Kyanite does not retain negative vibes. A good stone for aligning all of the energy centers--good for the 5th chakra or throat chakra. A powerful stone to access the Universal Energy during healing. It helps you to attune while searching for inner peace. It helps facilitate channeling and will open communications centers to enable contact with your guides and angels.

LABRADORITE: For mental clarity, self-awareness, eyes, extra-terrestrial energy communication, brings forth a ones’ strengths, originality, assists with sleep, and helps to relate to others. Opens energy flow to solar plexus and brow. Fragile--avoid salt cleansing.

LAPIS LAZULI: For calming the mind and strength of will. Increases psychic ability and allows for spiritual growth. Purifies body/mind/spirit. It assists with interpersonal relationships. Brings peace. Helps with depression & immune system. For self-expression, writing, creativity, dream insight, anxiety, insomnia, shyness.

LEPIDOLITE: place beside bed for soothing relaxer for environment. Works on the third chakra to remove negative forms and balance emotions. 

MALACHITE: Draws out impurities on all levels; balances L & R brain functions. Good for mental illness, co-ordination, vision, menstruation, rheumatism, toothaches, the immune system, stress colds & diarrhea. For Happiness, luck, money, transition/transformation. A radiation eliminator & evil eye protector. An all purpose healer, especially in solar plexus & good for healers. A mental cleanser.

MOOKAITE: A variety of chalcedony. Strengthens liver, gall bladder & bowels. A powerful healer, especially on the physical body. Represents the earth element. Works with emotions and attitudes according to the colour of the stone. 

MOONSTONE: Protects those at sea. Helps with kidney problems, female reproductive health, and lymph. Soothes stress & anxiety. Balances body/mind/spirit. Is Calming. Brings luck. Enhances intuitive sensitivity via feelings, and helps to be less overwhelmed by personal feelings. Aids with flexibility to flow with life. It is good for water signs

Grey moonstone: helps to accept other stones’ powers by cleansing blocks

Orange moonstone: Helps one accept other stone’s by comforting you. Less powerful than white, but helpful when one really needs a certain stone.

White moonstone: Highlights other stone’s effectiveness. Balances yin/yang.

MORGANITE (pink beryl): Inspires spiritual lovingness, compassion, equality, upliftment, empathy & patience. For a spiritual heart. Helps with the heart, lungs, breathing, throat, and oxygenation. It is one of the highest frequency stones available.

MOTHER OF PEARL: Has the gentle peaceful healing energy of the sea. Relaxes & soothes: emotions, sensitivity & stress.

NEW JADE: Strengthens heart, kidneys, & the immune system. Helps cleanse blood. Increases longevity and fertility. Aids with eye disorders and female problems. A powerful emotional balancer. Radiates divine unconditional love. Provides clarity, modesty, courage, justice & wisdom. For peace and nurturing. Dispels negativity. The healing affinity will correspond to colour of the stone.

OCEAN JASPER: from the shores of Madagascar. Used to heal the emotional body. It is good for peace of mind and heart. It is a soothing stone. Aids with love for others as well as yourself. Assists one to understand that all are connected (circular) and to empathize with the creatures of the sea. Also for toxins & fevers

OBSIDIAN: A strong protection stone for sensitive or psychic people. Balances digestive and intestinal systems. Helps with grief, objectivity & grounding. Reduces escapism, absorbs and dissolves anger, criticism, changes fear into flexibility with change. A general muscle tissue healer; for bacterial & viral inflammations

Obsidian Snowflake: Clairaudience & owning our lower aspects for growth; healthy balance, dissolves negative vibrations, helps with eyes For treatment of veins and skeletal structure. Brings purity to body mind and spirit. Promotes sensitivity to love and beauty.

OBSIDIAN RAINBOW: Represents wholeness of life and speaks for itself on a conscious and unconscious levels.

OPAL: provides harmony on emotional, mental & psychic levels. Opal emphasizes the prevalent aspect of an individual whether positive or negative. See possibilities & discover a broader view of a situation. Good for healing the spirit.

BLACK ONYX: Helps one to change bad habits. It is a great grounding stone. For objective thinking, spiritual inspiration, control of emotions & passions. Helps eliminate negative thinking, apathy, stress & neurological disorders. This stone is a heart, kidney, nerve, skin, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengthener. Good for meditation and dream emphasis. Wear with apache tear for protection.

PEARL: Improves digestion of events, reduces irritability, creates a soothing effect when combined with colored gems.

White Pearl: a symbol of pure heart and mind, innocence faith. Balances emotions (for water signs) Cleanse frequently. 

PERIDOT: strengthens physical body, breath of life, prosperity, growth, openness, aligns and balances all the spirit bodies. Regenerates many organs. Helps with speech and speaking impediments. Protects entire body with protective shield that is used by natural healers.

PEWTER: Good for: Headaches and lung ailments.

PYRITE or “Fools Gold”: Helps to ground, focus, logic, memory, clear thinking & for practicality.

RHODONITE: Reduces emotional imbalance, assists in self-actualization, improves hearing. Aids central nervous system, the thyroid gland, body reflexes, pituitary gland, & pancreas. It strengthens immunity, Improves memory, erases physical & emotional trauma. Reduces stress & clears the mind (1st Chakra).

ROSE QUARTZ: Resonates warmth and universal love. It is a balancing stone. Good for emotional release, & loneliness. Rose quartz assists with heart problems and those who feel unloved. Stone also helps with: loss, stress, hurt, fear, low confidence, resentment, anger and low self-esteem. It slows the aging process and reduces wrinkles. Cleanse this stone often.

RUTILATED QUARTZ: Adds energy and life force to clear quartz properties. A regenerator of people, crystals & plants. Help one to resist aging and general cellular breakdown. 

SILVER: A disinfectant and cleanser. Emotional and mental stress releaser. Helps with festering wounds and epilepsy. Silver has a cool soothing effect. Reduces inflammation, fever and nervous system stress. Works with pituitary. Also increases patience.

SODOLITE: Provides metabolic balance of the glandular and lymphatic system. Aids pancreas, balances endocrine system, alleviates fear, calms and clears the mind (for clarity & Truth) Enhances communication & creative expression. Have similar qualities as Lapis Lazuli. (6th Chakra)

SUNSTONE (a type of feldspar): Helps to recall dreams & aids with meditation, insight, travel, eyes, and depression. Inspires freedom, originality, sensuality, romance, sexuality, independence & luck. Clears & energizes Chakras. Warms the heart & lifts/rejuvenates the spirit. For Protection, life force & grounding. Dispels fears, alleviates stress. Encourage independence & originality. For rheumatism, sore throats, stomach tension, & ulcers.

TANZANITE: When placed on brow, opens crown centers for clairaudience, visions, spiritual connectedness, and protection. Helps expand physical and mental seeing, for hearing, hair,  & skin

TOPAZ: facilitates taking correct action

RED, YELLOW & ORANGE good for the digestive system.

BLUE TOPAZ: For artistic growth, concentration, leadership, psychic development & spiritual gifts. Calms the body & mind.

TIGER’S EYE: represents the sun and earth. Grounding. Creates harmony, balances emotions. Enhances instinctive & psychic abilities. Helps to heal wounds, bruises, eyes and throat. Attracts beauty and abundance. Help stability to maintain wealth. For optimism, insight & personal power. Suited for earthy people. Capricorn stone.

TIGER’S EYE RED:  Enhances psychic abilities, third eye activity, intuitive impressions & wealth.

TOURMALINE:  Good for anemia, cheerfulness, friendship, grounding, inspiration, lymph glands, meditation, stress, general healing, concentration, for genetic disorders & cancer. Dispels fear, negativity & grief. Calms the nerves.  Raises vibrations and charisma.

Black: Good for: blood pressure, negative vibrations, nervous system, & protection.

Blue: for blocked emotions, stammering, thyroid, lungs, & larynx,

Green: Good for: blood pressure, negative vibrations, nervous system, digestive system, creativity, immune system, psychological problems with father; blood pressure asthma. It is a balancer & eliminates conflict within. Opens the heart chakra.

Pink: For knowledge of self & loneliness.

TURQUOISE: Protects from injury. A balancing stone and is a healer of all illnesses. Assists with communication skills & creativity. Opens the heart for giving & receiving. Protects and detoxes from alcohol, poison, pollution, radiation. Helps with anorexia, headaches, fear, throat, lungs, asthma, Infections & hearing.

UNAKITE: Supports movement and is used as a follow-up to other heart chakra applications. The pink strengthens & motivates while the green in the stone is very grounding. Give strength & stability. For muscles, back ache, feet. A foundation stone that enhances the effects of other stones when kept with them. When things are overwhelming, it helps both mentally & physically.

YELLOW JADE: Aids in digestion. When worn as jewellery, it aids in protection from one’s enemies and on long journeys.

YELLOW TURQUOISE: this stone helps to connect with spirit and brings the energy of the sky down to earth. Turquoise has been thought to warn the wearer of danger or illness by changing color. Turquoise is an all-purpose balancing and healing stone. Working primarily with the heart, thymus and throat. It will balance all subtle systems