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Pick up one of these great books from me, cheap!

Shark Attack: H. David Baldridge ISBN 425-02844-5. A collection of real shark attack stories!

Monsters Among Us, Journey To The Unexplained: John Lee and Barbara Moore ISBN 0-515-03938-1. Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, Snowmen Missing Links! Given away

Sasquatch: Don Hunter with Rene Dahinden. A collection of real stories! Given away

The Posidon Adventure: Paul Gallico ISBN 0-440-17006-X. fiction

James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me: Ian Fleming. fiction

James Bond, Live And Let Die: Ian Fleming. fiction

James Bond, Gold Finger: Ian Fleming. fiction

James Bond, Moonraker: Ian Fleming. fiction

Tomorrow The Stars: Robert A. Heinlein SBN 425-03432-1. science fiction

Herman: Jim Unger. cartoons

Max Ferguson, And Now Here's Max: Max Ferguson ISBN 0-00-211630-8 pa. autobiography/ Canadian radio & TV broadcasting

The Bone Museum, Travels In The Lost World Of Dinosaurs And Birds: Wayne Grady ISBN 0-670-88542-8. Science

Ever Since Darwin, Reflections In Natural History: Stephen Jay Gould ISBN 0-393-00917-3. Science/ history/ about the life of Charles Darwin

The Dave Nichol Cook Book: Dave Nichol ISBN 0-9697259-0-6. cooking featuring "President's Choice" products. Sold

$3 CDN each

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