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This is my online garage sale. This way is more time efficient for you and me. If you see something you would like to buy, then send an e-mail to me at garage_sale(at)shaw(dot)ca. A few of these items are FREE. Think the asking price is out of line? Remember, you can always make an offer. If you are out of town, I can ship items by Canada Post. I accept money orders and  PayPal. New items will be added so check back often. (last update: 25-Oct-2010)

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Sporting Goods Top of page

Ocean Rodeo kitesurfing kites

Churchill Bodyboard fin

kite control bar

special fish cleaning knife

scuba mask

fishing rod

equestrian fly mask

equestrian girth

equestrian halter

equestrian leg wraps

equestrian blanket

Automotive Top of page

Does anyone know the vintage of these American Optical safety goggles?

Toyota Tercel 1991 trunk molding Price Reduced!

1936 Ford, complete & original car

1936 Ford 4dr bustle back body and fenders only

Antique Top of page

Imperial Rattan Company-Imperial Loyalist writing desk

Computers & Electronics Top of page

joystick (Gravis Blackhawk)

earphones for music listening

DC power adapter plugs into cigarette lighter

adding machine

tie-clip microphone from Radio Shack

wrist support

SCSI cable for Macintosh computer

Hobbies & Household Items Top of page


$1,000,000 CDN dollars!!

used books

Concertmate 980 keyboard synthesizer from Radio Shack

Richard Lonsdale ceramic bowl and cup set

fish tank (10 gallon)

Royal Albert porcelin, Christmas napkin rings and candle holder


Sold Items Top of page

Prints by Danish artist, Mads Stage SOLD

drysuit for scuba (Whites Catalyst) SOLD

kiteboard SOLD

kitesurfing kite (9M Naish) SOLD

11 foot sailing dinghy SOLD

kayak spray skirt (neoprene) SOLD

Bic "Hard Rock" Windsurfer mast plate SOLD

kayak spray skirt(nylon) SOLD

trapeze/vang sailing cleats SOLD

bodyboard fins SOLD

beach shoes SOLD

neoprene dive booties FREE! Given away to a good home

neoprene dive hood SOLD

neoprene vest SOLD

chiller freeze pack SOLD

Chinook windsurfing Power Base extension SOLD

bicycle pump SOLD

safety reflectors (cycling equipment) FREE Given away to a good home

broom ball FREE Given away to a good home

snorkeling fins (Madras) SOLD

snorkeling fins (idi Sea Power) SOLD

frisbee Given away to a good home

novelty fish bag SOLD

ankle weight Given away to a good home

Toyota Tercel 1991 stock wheel covers SOLD

Bad Mudder 4x4 license plate emblem SOLD

Amway oil additive SOLD

Underwood typewriter SOLD

head-set with microphone SOLD

coaxial cable FREE! Given away to a good home

25 pin (male-female)computer cable SOLD

25 pin (male) 9 pin (female) computer cable SOLD

25 pin end terminal SOLD

Tai Chi video SOLD

dunebuggy, gas powered model SOLD

dried salmon heads Given away to a good home

cotton place mats (set of 4) FREE Given away to a good home

mahogany stereo stand (solid wood) SOLD

office desk FREE Given away to a good home

living room sectional FREE! Given away to a good home
martial arts 60lb. Bag SOLD

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