Ralph Fuhrmann's Homeless Place Marker

Welcome to my much neglected place on the web. At one time, I had a proper web page on CUUG, a local UNIX computer club. I have not updated since 2002. Getting back to it now, this October of 2004.

My History on the web - the very short version.
    I started out back in March of 1994, mostly for email, ftp, newsgroups, and gopher. I was tired of being fed information about Babylon 5, and other cool stuff from other net-connected friends. I suppose a 1994 start makes me a net vet, particularly since the massive growth of the net was just beginning at that time.

    My web presence begins in 1996, he says vaguely, as the oldest remaining graphic from my CUUG pages is from December of that year, although I'm sure I started off as much as a year earlier on a text only page. I also started doing web work for my job in 1996 at Agricore (who shall remain link less until their new abomination of a web page gets fixed) The page you are looking was my quick and dirty project on my Cadvision web space, being built on February 13th, 1999.

I updated it January 5th 2002, having left it on Draal, my firewall to the internet, since Cadvision was shortly to be no more. I decided to throw them up on Shaw, where it sat ignored for the last two years.

Lately, I have been doing web work again after a long hiatus at work

Quick and Dirty Links
(not smut, he hastens to add)

My current project, digital pictures page .

Ralph Fuhrmann's Pages on CUUG are no more this just goes to CUUG
Dragon Court Beasteary The statistics on various monsters in Dragon Court, a Multi-player RPG I used to play and built a web page for. Now out of date by two years.
Metacrawler (multisearch engine tool)
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

Some other local stuff I've done:

- My Fish pictures

- Muttley's Web Cam Study Muttley passed away this year of 2004.

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